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The Human Origins Initiative wants to know what YOU think it means to be human! Submit your response, and it may be featured on this website or in our exhibition.

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Being human is about being smart, caring, communicative, and a part of something more important than yourself.
Jonathan Graef
- Jonathan Graef, San Antonio TX
Human means that your alive and you can do lots of things like any regular human knows how to read walk learn new things.
- katie, washington D.C
livin for the dank memes
Kazoo Kid
- Kazoo Kid, Lazy Town
It means we live and are alive?
Donald Trump
- Donald Trump, usa
A superior organic life form that has the ability to build and adapt to any environment and makes mistakes and is not perfect.
Darshan Govender
- Darshan Govender, Johannesburg
The weak DID inherit the earth. Humans have no natural defenses, no claws or sharp teeth, yet we rule over all that we survey.
Richard m Rossi II
- Richard m Rossi II, Providence, RI
We no longer adapt to our environments. Rather, we manipulate our environments, forcing them to adapt to us.
Cassandra McLean
- Cassandra McLean, Rahway, NJ
It's means that we all part of the same species and we all have similar Inteligents.
- Sebastine, Scared heart collage
be born, contribute/improve mother earth, discover, reproduce.
- adrian, florida
Being human means experiencing a seemingly singular consciousness, so that we can remind ourselves that everything is connected.
Michelle Wallace
- Michelle Wallace, Texas
We are the only species that builds upon previous generations. In other words, my generation did not have to invent the wheel again.
- Michael, Raleigh, NC
We are able to use our brain to do things that will help us stay alive longer.
- Betsi, Woodburn
To be compassionate and cognitive. A sentient being with frightining knowledge and apocalyptic capabilities.
- Jarrad, Roma, Queensland
Being human means being able to communicate thoughts, feelings, emotions, & ideas through words, art, and symbols.
- Vanessa, Torrance
When your human it means to be a mammal.A mammal has warm blood instead of cold blood like reptiles.Also humans are very intelligent.
Brad Cary
- Brad Cary, U.S.A
To be human is to have awareness of what we are capable of. We are able to teach others, creating a world full of constant learning.
Rebecca Hutchison
- Rebecca Hutchison , Torrance
to be able to think and rationalize on a daily basis
- CMercurius, New York
To be open minded, tolerant, resilient and happy; To discover, appreciate, learn, love, and enjoy all of life's wonders and pleasures.
- Abby, New York City
Our 3 brains in 1, we have traits from reptiles mammals and primates. Our conscience makes us human and sets us apart from all others.
Cathy Burks Stogner
- Cathy Burks Stogner, Mooresville, NC USA
To cultivate knowledge through experiences and interactions between others.
John Irvine
- John Irvine, Irvine, CA
To look back upon our past actions and explore where we came from, to ask questions , to be skeptical, and most of all be loving and caring
Drew M.
- Drew M., Rockville, MD
I think being a human means changing. If you think about it we all came from a relatively similar past but changed in our own ways.
Gabby Mathews
- Gabby Mathews, springfield, mo
Being human is to laugh and to cry, to regret and to expect - sometimes all in a moment.
Anne McComas
- Anne McComas, Bel Air, MD
To have abstract thought.
Joshua Watford
- Joshua Watford, Orlando, FL
Humans communicate in languages, don’t have hair all over the body, express emotions, create and destroy, make judgments, etc.
Lisa Seo
- Lisa Seo, College Park
To be able to enjoy Bach, Beethoven, Wagner...
Alvaro E. González V
- Alvaro E. González V, Colombia
It means that you have thumbs you can move and your smart. But you are still animals.
Marky Eads
- Marky Eads, Arroyo Grande
What does it mean to be human? That depends on what you mean by human? Our art separates us from everything that has ever lived.
Stewart B. Carson
- Stewart B. Carson, United Kingdom
Awareness of being aware.
MarceL Benn
- MarceL Benn, Germany
To be human is to have feelings such as being happy or sad and also to find out what it means to be a human as you live your life
noemi healy
- noemi healy, washington, dc
to be able to learn and think, be a homo sapiens, and to be created in the image of God
- Stella, New York
To be human is to live in a world of signs of our own making
- Steve, Perth
To be unsure of your origin but possess the tools to hunt for that origin.
- steve, ohio
To be human is to have a complex view of the world with access to technology and social information.
Zach alan
- Zach alan, Portland, Oregon
It is probably the best thing to be born a human being but much more fortunate to be able to do things that only human can do.
Narsing Rao Gummadam
- Narsing Rao Gummadam, Hyderabad INDIA
To be able to reflect on ourselves
Annette Bierschenk
- Annette Bierschenk, Washington DC
To be human is having the ability to expand our horizons as the universe expands it's.
- Dion, Oak Island, NC
Thinking off the top of your head
To be human means to be instinctive, to not over-think a decision when you get a choice
Josh Goldberg
- Josh Goldberg, New York City
to make something that has never been seen.
- tucker, v.a.
To be a human is to share a form of language within a community. In this community, one FEELS a sense of belonging.
Madeline Myers
- Madeline Myers, Washington, DC