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Being a human is the key to survival, to speak your own language and to connect with other humans.
Rabia Mohammadi
- Rabia Mohammadi, Philadelphia, PA
To be human is to have feelings such as being happy or sad and also to find out what it means to be a human as you live your life
noemi healy
- noemi healy, washington, dc
We are the jewel of God's creation, made in his image for the purpose of being in relationship with each other and with Him.
Steven Griffin
- Steven Griffin, Oxford, Mississippi
It is not enough to learn how to survive, we have to learn how to live. It is not enough to discover, we have to find our purpose.
David Tabari
- David Tabari, Oklahoma City, OK
To be human can't be broken down with just a few words. To be human isn't simple or else life itself would be simple.
Imee Williams
- Imee Williams, Roosevelt HS Portland, OR
The change of our bodies throughout the years,using tools and weapons,and our brain size increasing when we eat meat make us human.
- Megan, Arizona
To be human is to be a creator where we have transcended through history by creating what we need to insure our survival
- Amanda, Deerfield Beach, Florida
To be human means to share your pain with other people. Literally.
- tj, Okiehoma United States
To be human is to look at my eyes and see the universe.
Eduardo Romero p.
- Eduardo Romero p., Colombia
well for me it means that we have a lot of responsibilities in life and that we have a reason in life too
- edgar, Roosevelt High
Keeping other species from extinction.
- Alan, Tampa FL USA
To create your own world utterly different from anybody else's, and yet try to understand theirs.
- Katharine, State College, PA
Humans foresee the future, plan for and adjust for unforeseen events, understand fear and can teach ourselves to get over problems.
John Herrick
- John Herrick, Tampa, Florida, USA
To be human means to be fated to be recognized as the same species with people who govern your life without your permission
- Chris, European Union
To be a human means that we have all been sent for a reason. From changing something to make your life a lot better to changing the world.
Orlando Cardenas jr
- Orlando Cardenas jr, Portland, Oregon
to be "affected" by the world;to feel myself as a part of something much bigger and deeper - not being specially, but specifically human.
Luísa Molina
- Luísa Molina, Brasília, Brazil
Possession and utilization of symbolism
- Anonymous, Somewhere
To be human is to want what you can't have. Dissatisfaction is the definition of all human cultures.
Kerridwyn Schanck
- Kerridwyn Schanck, Oregon
It means wanting to know why, how, what and where and having the ability and drive to answer those questions.
- Abby, Oregon
We are,were and shall allways be a part of nature.Our thirst for knowledge,instinct to survive and love is infinite,"naturally"
Steve Molachyk
- Steve Molachyk, ON,CA
To be human is to only wonder but Advancements, life, love, and joy, and the spirit are what make us so.
- ben, tennesse
To know select, prepare and make the food day by day and share that knowledge to next generation
José António Madruga Carvalho
- José António Madruga Carvalho, Portugal
To be human means to be bipedal, innovative, and intelligent. More intelligent than any other organism.
Alex Nemon, 12
- Alex Nemon, 12, Southborough MA
We are superficial.
- Shay, Wheaton, MD
Walking upright; opposable thumb; make and use tools; live in social group; some form of communication; larger brain.
Frank Giammanco
- Frank Giammanco, Upper Saddle River, NJ
An animal that overestimates the ability of its brain to understand its environment.
Bo Moore
- Bo Moore, WY
for me being a human is like learning and discovering many things that we don't know.and that makes us strong
allain gorembalem
- allain gorembalem, legapi philippines
To be human is to be brave enough to learn what more there is beyond our quest for daily survival.
Jim Mauch
- Jim Mauch, Cudahy, Wisconsin
To remember the past, have cultures, and ability to talk.
Angel Ponce
- Angel Ponce, HTLA
To care for ourselves and others. To have a developed brain and the capacity to think about the future.
Geri Spencer
- Geri Spencer, Virginia
Humans perform altruistic acts without apparent benefit, and are less hairy than a typical mammal.
Fred Whiteman
- Fred Whiteman, Albuquerque, NM
Darwin - Tree of life
To be human is to seek out the real magic of the world around us.
Jim Mauch
- Jim Mauch, Cudahy, Wisconsin
To believe in forces greater than oneself.
- Nicci, Washington, DC
To be human is to be able to adapt to any environment.
- Stephanie, Bronx, NY
We are the only species who say to ourselves, "I could do that better." We instinctively use one advance as a platform for the next.
Christoher McGuire
- Christoher McGuire, Fort Worth, Texas
we all complex creatures who we think we know everything but we don't...
- James, Mesa, AZ
We are self perpetuating patterns of matter that have emerged from the chaos of the universe. Tiny whirlpools in a great sea.
Keith Bessette
- Keith Bessette, Belchertown, MA
Being a human means that you can use all of yourself to protect what is yours: the environment.
Najya A. Williams
- Najya A. Williams, Washington, D.C.
Having a highly developed brain, the capability to use it effectively, and our infinitely unique thought process make us human.
Athena Cooke
- Athena Cooke, Lehigh Acres, FL
It means mammals who are very intellegent and focused on two things,dominating and surviving!!
Austin 8th grade science class
- Austin 8th grade science class, Pennsylvania, mount union high school