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Jim Miller

Jim Miller

Dr. James B. Miller, Ph.D. (Co-Chair)
General Missioner
Presbyterian Association on Science, Technology and the Christian Faith
Charleston, SC

Personal Statement:

I believe that the meaning of the universe is ultimately grounded in the intention of God.  I believe that God calls the universe into being and that it is thus a creation.  I believe that God calls the creation to participate in its own creation.  I concur with the classical Christian theologian, Augustine of Hippo, when he wrote that “God, the Author and Creator of all natures, does nothing contrary to nature; for whatever is done by Him who appoints all natural order and measure and proportion must be natural in every case.”  Thus, I believe that God works exclusively through natural processes to create.

I believe that human beings, Homo sapiens, emerge completely through natural evolutionary processes.  By virtue of the Christian belief in the incarnation, the enfleshment of the divine intent in creation, I believe that the affirmation that humans are “made in the image of God” is not an ontologically exclusive claim but that all creatures, as they embody the intention of God, are “made in the image of God.”