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Randy Isaac

Randy Isaac

Dr. Randall Isaac, Ph.D.
Executive Director Emeritus
American Scientific Affiliation
Ipswich, MA

Personal Statement:

The basic foundation for integrating science and Christian faith is the two-book model of God’s revelation. One is the book of God’s Word, which in the Christian tradition is the Bible, and the other is the book of God’s works, which is the entire universe. The source of both books is God the Creator. The Christian view is that Jesus Christ is the incarnate Son of God, the common link between the two books. The purpose of creation is for the incarnation of Christ to redeem humankind so we can glorify God forever.

From a scientific perspective, we see evolution of the universe from its big bang origins to the appearance of galaxies and second-generation stars with planets like earth that spawn living species. Science can tell us what happened but not why. From the faith perspective we see a Creator who sustains all things at all times and caused this grand universe to develop in such a way as to lead to human beings. These two views are linked through Christ who created the process which we observe as our origins.