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Wes McCoy

Wes McCoy

Dr. R. Wesley McCoy, Ph.D.
Presbyterian (USA)
Biology teacher and Science Department Chair
North Cobb High School
Kennesaw, GA

Personal Statement:

I believe that all natural processes are part of God’s creation. I embrace evolution as God’s simplest and most elegant form of creation. Understanding how humans are intimately connected through genetics to all other living species fills my soul with wonder. My understanding of evolution does nothing to diminish my faith in God. In fact, my connection to God is deepened when I contemplate the intricate beauty of evolution.

The power of science lies in our ability to quantify observations of the natural world in order to construct natural explanations of what we see. But science cannot measure honor, courage or love. The sacred mysteries of nature can be expressed in music, poetry, art and prayer.  Scripture points me to spiritual truth. My faith points to a Creator of natural processes. Science is one way to understand God’s reality. Faith also provides a way for me to explore the meaning and purpose of my life. Being human allows me the privilege of exploring the mechanisms as well as the meaning of life.

It is vital to me that all of my students understand why scientists call evolution the cornerstone of biology. It is also important that they understand that many people have faith in God, creator of evolution.