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What Does it Mean to be Human

The Human Origins Initiative wants to know what YOU think it means to be human! Submit your response, and it may be featured on this website or in our exhibition.

Responses seen here come both from this website and the David H. Koch Hall of Human Origins. We have had a wonderful outpouring of responses to this question, and we cannot feature every answer; in an effort to features as many as possible, we will be featuring new answers approximately everyh two weeks (so check back to see if you answer has been featured!).

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To be human means to to be human, there is no definition for something so complex.
- Karim, Rajmohamed
To be human is to know you exist
- Sam, Emmaus PA
To be human is to have memories of stories from the past.
- Gracie FLood, Emmaus, PA, USA
To love ; - )
- joe Shmoe, Emmaus, Pa
To be human is to have the potential to enjoy hurting others.
- Meredith Schuler, Pennsylvania
To be human is to know you exist
- Sam, Emmaus PA
To be able to think and plan ahead for the future. To not be held back by simple instinct.
- Jonathan Zackariah Moore, Emmaus, Pennsylvania
To be human is to mate and reproduce with other humans to continue the process of evolution
- Sanket Narayana, Emmaus, PA
To err is to be human. - Some Greek Dude probably
- Jason K, Emmaus, PA, USA
To have every characteristics discerning human from any other species close or far different from humans.
- Akinrinade Solomon Olubayo, Nigeria
The ability to visualize what never was and make a plan to create it.
- Joe Maestas, San Jose, CA
To be human means to accept one's own action both good and bad and live to learn from them.
- Alex Fregoso, Canada
To be evolving every second and to live life to its fullest
- Esther Liu, San Francisco, CA
We are just a kind of animal having ability to think, to reason and communicate effectively.
- Volkan Gülbeyaz, İzmir, TURKEY
To be driven to find love and meaning for yourself.
- Corey Bither, Boston, MA
it means to be an evolution of animals and as we evolved we improved and improved and are smart
- Liam, Einfield
Being human means having DNA and being able to reproduce.
- kAITLYN GUERRERO, washington D.C
Human means that your alive and you can do lots of things like any regular human knows how to read walk learn new things.
- katie, washington D.C
i think to be human means that we are capable of discovering new inventions of out own.
Being human is a person that is distinguished from an animal.
- garen, washungton dc
To be human is to have feelings such as being happy or sad and also to find out what it means to be a human as you live your life
- noemi healy, washington, dc
To be human means to be unique and to love yourself for being you.It also means to be yourself and not try to be someone else.
- Landon, Denver,CO
It means to be created in God's image, but imperfect.
- Anonymous, Pennsylvania
It means that we are unique, but at the same time we kill animals, and each other for no reason. We don't deserve to live here.
- Hi, Bye
To enjoy life while it lasts. Also make mistakes, build, destroy things. To love every single view that you see. To make history!
- Alicia, Milwaukee, WI
It means how we'd lived in the past!
- Raven, Hamden
You can walk on two feet. You are able to be very civilized and cooperate with each other. You can keep developing.
- Eleanor White, San Francisco, California
to be concious, acquiring new knowledges from experiences lived or shared through language by others.
- Daniel Israel, Brazil
Being human is being a living, loving, and charictaristic character.
- Tommy Potter, San Carlos
That we have the ability to fulfill our mental, emotional and spiritual possibilities
- Peter, North Carolina
To Learn, to Love, to live by concern for others and search for our own set Task Before Leaving...
- Rangsil, India
To understand that you are not based off any religious dogma. Your genes tell the story.
- Connor Clausen, Brier, Washington
Knowing we are mortal. We are uniquely self aware
- Erin, Oregon
To be human it means to live life and make the best out of it aprestiate your ancesters
- John flax, Las angles
to be free
- zeleny, CA
eating nachos
- iman, jess
to reach life's mission of death
- Mia Fordson, Malvern, Arkansas
it means to be free . to be able to explore to learn important info.
- zeleny, merced
To be able to learn individually, from each other and collectively and to pass on the knowledge to the next generation.
- Jagan Mohan R, Pondicherry, India
We change the lives of every thing
- linda catfish, Oakland, California
We change the lives of every thing even the smallest organisms n
- linda catfish, Oakland, California
To be human is to be complex, stubborn and passionate. Our meaning lies in the continuum of mystery that we call our history.
- Contra, So-Cal
It means to understand the purpose of life
- m.shahbaz, lahore pakistan
To experience all of life's adventures, such as spending your Friday afternoon doing homework for your college anthropology class..
- K, USA
It means to have a moral sense.
- John, WA
Being human means that I can analyze any given situation, climate or predator.
- Robin S. Long, Trinidad
To contemplate consequences and challenge one another to act beyond the dictates of instinct.
- Mimosa, Skokie, Illinois
it means to be not a neanderthal
- henry, cali
To be rad
- sawwg killer, your mom