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Modern Human (TC 635)

Dr. Robert J. Terry was aware that there was an absence of documented human osteological specimens from which skeletal biology, anatomy and pathology could be investigated. In the second decade of the 20th century, Dr. Terry began to collect human skeletons from cadavers used in the Medical School's Anatomy classes. Documentation of the individual consists of morgue records with the name of the individual, the sex, age and ethnic identity, as well as various dates and records related to  body collection and preservation processes. In 1967 a transaction was made between the Anatomy Department at Washington University Medical School and the National Museum of Natural History's Anthropology Department to transfer the Terry Collection to it’s current curation in the Division of Physical Anthropology. For more information on the history of this collection, please visit (

This individual, Terry Collection 635, is a modern human (Homo sapiens), male, 54 years of age, of African ancestry.

This is a CT scan of Terry Collection 635. These three-dimensional scans are made publicly available through the generous support of the Smithsonian 2.0 Fund, provided from the annual gifts of the Smithsonian National Board to the Secretary to use at his discretion (, and the Smithsonian Collections Care and Preservation Fund.

The main goal of this joint initiative between the Human Origins Program and the Division of Mammals is to make the NMNH's scientific collections that relate to studies of human evolution available in 3D for education and research.