Trinil 2

Indonesia's "Java Man"

While searching for fossils in Java, physician Eugène Dubois uncovered the tophalf of an early human skull in 1891. This skull, Trinil 2, is long, with a flat forehead and distinct browridges and a sagittal keel, though many of its features have been worn flat with age. Dubois named a new species, Pithecanthropus erectus after this specimen in 1894, but Ernst Mayr reassigned Trinil 2 to Homo erectus in the 1950s.

Image of Homo erectus, Trinil 1
Trinil 2
Exhibit item
Java Man
Trinil, Java, Indonesia
Date of discovery: 
Discovered by: 
Eugene Dubois
Between 1 million and 700,000 years old
Homo erectus