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Cedar City Public Library; Cedar City, UT

Cedar City Public Library; Cedar City, UT

Oct. 16–Nov. 12, 2015


Library patrons were invited to answer to the question "What does it mean to be human?" while visiting the Exploring Human Origins traveling exhibit at the Cedar City Public Library in Cedar City, UT.


They wrote their answers on sticky notes which are represented here exactly as they were written, without editing of text; any drawings are described in parentheses.


To believe in what you like, because religion is not a priority for everyone. ->
To have relition @
# internet
To find purpose, love, and empathy
To help others
To love my mom
Living intentionally
To love eveyone to care and be happy
To find something worth living for # don't stop believing
To have a sense of community
Making mistakes
To creat beauty in a variety of ways.
Smoke weed everyday.
Improving everyday
To have an identity
To be creative
To learn and try to improve
To take care of others, learn and love
Loved by god
To laugh and find something good in every day
To lead
To live the gospel @ # only in utah
To learn
To live
Good I think…
To love
We feed the other animals
Feelings friendship love ffl
To make the world a better place
To embrace new ideas
To have a genome of Homo sapeiens sapiens
To function, fun, relavent
Our knowledge is better than other kinds
Playing with others
culture and a thurst for knowledge
Eternal beings, love
Netflix and Chill
Being an influence for good
To love and grow in my life and mind everyday. And take a shower
To be able to do sport and activities
Reading and minecraft
Video games
Why are humans so diffeent
Reading, laughter, emotions, love, and family
To constantly imporve yourself
live, lewarn, read, play. Discover…


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