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Orion Township Public Library; Lake Orion, MI

Orion Township Public Library; Lake Orion, MI

July 28, 2016–Aug. 24, 2016


Library patrons were invited to answer to the question "What does it mean to be human?" while visiting the Exploring Human Origins traveling exhibit at the Orion Township Public Library in Lake Orion, MI.


They wrote their answers on sticky notes which are represented here exactly as they were written, without editing of text; any drawings are described in parentheses.


To think things that a fake
It means to have faith GOD! O.K.? O.K.!
sky Fairy
To watch YouTube
Caheth youkliv
To embrace Your differences! (drawing of smiley face)
To be able to make choices on our own. And live with the consiquences
To learn Have Fun and to be Different. Bria Bailey
To be Differnt
Lenny cm
To Love
to be human means we all make mistakes. But always get a 2nd chance
It means to respect god
To learn
to be able to choose logic over emotion
to love others-Ashley Grant
I means having stone cold missery for the rest of your life living with your sister. Baraka
It means that you are smart enough to be aware of you inevitable mortailty. It means you handle that awareness with muliple forms of denial
We are all not that different
to live, breathe. to reason + connect to others + the earth
Dank memes
To live in...the moment!
eat, sleep, poop, drink, play, have fun
to pursue happiness
To be kind and love others
13ee happy
To imagine create explore our potential
To keep evolving and learning about the world
Beeig Hlpl
Dank Memes Lennyface Chrismissick
to respect each other!
to be yourself and be happy
to be unique
to be caring loveing and nice-Mariana
to poop a lot
Lovin and caring
to know tht we are part of the natural world not above it. Rick
knowledge of our mortality
to love one another peace!
To laugh, sing, and care!
to explore new cultures
to seek out new life and new civilization
Loveing God


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