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Skokie Public Library; Skokie, IL

Skokie Public Library; Skokie, IL

Sept. 7, 2016–Oct. 4, 2016


Library patrons were invited to answer to the question "What does it mean to be human?" while visiting the Exploring Human Origins traveling exhibit at the Skokie Public Library in Skokie, IL.


They wrote their answers on sticky notes which are represented here exactly as they were written, without editing of text; any drawings are described in parentheses.


you live, and breath, eat, bathroom
To live with compassion
Eat what you want
To go beyond basic needs & responsiblities & reach for hights of understanding beyond us - to something indiscribable and spiritual & universal
I find it somewhat odd that "humanity" as defended here is a matter of brain sized killing skill. The spiritual aspect of existance seems mininized.
to be human means to understand existance, to he aware of life AND death, to relate and evolve with the ages and contibute to the future
to be nuts, self-conscious, anxious, worried fearful + bogged down with responibilities and desires for more fun.
To be human is to have a scientific curiosity.
To be human- is to choose to aks ourselves this question- what does it mean to be a member of our species.
To make mistakes, over + over, yet resolve to do better next time.
To find and solve problems with our BIG BRAINS!
To have no powers and have lots of parts in your body (drawing of smiley face)
Empathy compassion commuity (drawing of heart)
to make mistakes and to belive in yourself is what it means to be a (drawing of heart) HUMAN
to eat pizza (pizza drawing)
to go on a voyange that no other human has taken- to seek out other life forms- other intelligencies + make contact with them
What does it mean to be human? The ability to care about all of creation, our planet and the whole universe.
To Be Human Means that we have a conscious?
To be human is to think logically.
this is cool. It's good to be human
Basically we have the ability to do something and say and think of things we have never said, done, or, thought of before!
(drawing of smiley face)
Having a conciense
tt) See Weird
To be human means to be happy of who you are (drawing of smiley face) (dawing of heart) (drawing of smiley face)
Human Origins % Human life change time to time long ago figures change for best good or bitter. Million years stories are very intested. At present age sineci, farmers, industry, chickens
21 savage
working as a community, not just to make our own lives better.
to evolve, to have compassion, to love.
Love every-one help be lik a family
R.I.P HARAMBE (drawing of sad face)
Loving one another
to love Taco Bell
Very interesting + informative
to be human means… it is your obligation to pursue YOUR happiness
educational - interesting
too bad some deny science + keep this out of schools
(drawing of heart) ?
(drawing of heart) love
to be human is to do things trial by error and learing from mistakes
To BE HUMAN MEANS TO LOVE & EXPLORE (drawing of three hearts)
To be human it means… to make mistakes.
to be human means to worry.
Nice! (drawing of smiley face)
To be human means… to make mistakes
to be human (drawing of smiley face) haha
racism bigotry hate
to be blessed and cursed with the gift of consciousness.


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