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Spokane County Library; Spokane, WA

Spokane County Library; Spokane, WA

Jan. 6, 2016–Feb. 2, 2016


Library patrons were invited to answer to the question "What does it mean to be human?" while visiting the Exploring Human Origins traveling exhibit at the Spokane County Library in Spokane, WA.


They wrote their answers on sticky notes which are represented here exactly as they were written, without editing of text; any drawings are described in parentheses.


Game on!
to live your life being happy!
how we evolved
be a friend and help when help is needed
that all humens are the same as animals.
to help others
To Grow
Get Money. Send Money.
See movie: The Big Short
Love (inside of a heart)
humans have a soul
Playing with friends
Aware Sentient
Created in the image of God (drawing of heart)
sMaert and saefe
Take care of our brothers and sisters!
to have good life and dreams
to make music
Love (inside of a heart)
adelielte to be mindfall
to help others
I think it was amazing how we developed from an ape to an human being and if the ape didn’t take its first steps we wouldn’t be here so we are just the same. We are animals.
To live with compassion to be true to this, which is part of our good inner nature, especially because compassion - acts - treat others- is what truly makes the earth spin
to be created by god in his image + likeness
They cook.
to live with compachon
sharing food
devoloped brain
finding yourself
to be human means to love & care for one another
washing deseandents and frozen crafting feveru
Being a Native American
to be a child of god! Heirs to God's kingdom through Christ
to be able to change
Laughter 0->-
and all other 5,000 gods humans imagined
to be imperfect
skull - lungs - muscles - brain - play - games- technology - hugs
two scrambled eggs HAPPY hang out with friends
the ability to have faith in the unknown
to be nice and smarte
to be blesses with the opprtunity of salvation in Christ Jesus
we are just animals!
I love with Awesomeness.
create art


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