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Christian Tryon


Christian Tryon employs archaeological and geological methods to explore the behavioral evolution of Middle and Later Pleistocene hominins and the origin of Homo sapiens. As a Paleolithic archaeologist, he is a specialist in the analysis of stone tools, and is particularly interested in the origins and diversification of Levallois technology, associated with early populations of Homo sapiens in Africa and with Neanderthals in Eurasia. Interpreting the behavior of extinct hominin populations often requires a geological perspective. He focuses on reconstructing site formation processes, stone raw material source attribution by petrographic or geochemical means, and studies volcanic ash to determine the age of archaeological sites. His field research has focused on the survey and excavation of ~700,000 to 100,000-year-old sites in the Rift Valley of Kenya, and as a collaborator in a project in the Central Anatolian Volcanic Province of Turkey. In both areas, Acheulian and Middle Stone Age/Middle Paleolithic artifacts and volcanic ashes are locally abundant. In Kenya, this research has been important in establishing the mode and tempo of behavioral evolution during and immediately preceding the appearance of Homo sapiens; in Turkey it has provided further age estimates for the only excavated Acheulian site in Anatolia. In addition to the Paleolithic of Eurasia and Africa, his research interests include the African Holocene archaeological record and the late prehistory and history of New England.

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