Listen to Dr. Rick Potts talk about early human adaptability to climate change.

2. Introduction - Moderator Connie Bertka and BSIC Panelists

3. Moderator question 1 - "Why is evolution problematic for some Christians? And does it present a challenge to other world religions?"

4. Moderator question 2 - Moderator Connie Bertka asks Dr. Rick Potts to speak to the idea of direction in evolution and panelists respond.

5. An audience member asks panelists to discuss scientific and philosophical views on antipathy, sympathy, and empathy, as well as idealism, spiritualism, and thought.

6. "In light of evolution, can we still think of humans as unique? How can humans be both a product of evolution and created in God’s image?"

7. "How many panelists believe evolution is a useful tool in our day to day life in creating drugs and better food products?"...

8. Audience and panelist commentary on human uniqueness and humans’ place in nature.

9. Audience commentary on human genetics and genomics and panelists' responses, including Dr. Potts' reflections on how science is done.