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Christian Tryon


Christian Tryon employs archaeological and geological methods to explore the origin and dispersal of Homo sapiens. He is a Paleolithic archaeologist specializing in the analysis of stone tools, the use of volcanic ash deposits to date and compare sites, and the use of multiple methods to reconstruct the environmental context of Middle and particularly Late Pleistocene sites. He has directed and collaborated on a number of research projects in East Africa, in the Rift Valley as well as along its margins, with a current focus on ancient landscapes in the Lake Victoria basin as well as Middle-Later Stone Age sequences at two rock shelters, GvJm-22 at Lukenya Hill (Kenya) and Kisese II (Tanzania). Past and ongoing field and museum-based projects on early modern human and Neanderthal sites in Turkey, Israel, and France provide a broad geographic comparative framework to understand those processes that to the origin and dispersal of H. sapiens across and out of Africa.

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