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René Dommain

photo of Rene Dommain

Dr. René Dommain is a landscape ecologist (Diplom and Dr. rer. nat. from University of Greifswald, Germany) working at the intersection of bio and geosciences in an integrative Humboldtian approach. His research centers on understanding landscape evolution, its linkage to past climatic changes and resulting biogeographic patterns and biogeochemical consequences. This work is strongly field based, often considers long timescales by analyzing cores (paleoecology), and focuses on tropical ecosystems of the East African Rift Valley and the Indo-Malay Archipelago, in particular rift lakes, equatorial mountains, and peat swamp forests. René has led and co-led expeditions to remote places in Uganda, Indonesia, Brunei, and Kenya. At the Human Origins Program he is mainly involved in the Olorgesailie Drilling Project – an effort to reconstruct one million years of landscape and climate dynamics in the southern Kenya Rift through the analysis of long sediment cores that were recovered in 2012. As part of this work René runs the Olorgesailie Drilling Project lab, analyses core samples and is regularly doing fieldwork in the Kenyan rift valley


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