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Zelalem Assefa

Portrait of Zelalem Assefa.

Zelalem Assefa is a Research Associate at the Human Origins and Archaeobiology Programs of the Smithsonian Institution. Zelalem’s research interest focuses on the evolution and ecology of human subsistence behavior, the dynamics of human’s cognitive developments, the later prehistory of the horn of Africa, and the applications of geospatial information sciences in archaeological investigations. He has co-directed a multi-disciplinary palaeoanthropological project at Omo-Kibish (southern Ethiopia), and currently he is pursuing active field projects that include a survey of rockshelter and cave sediments in southeastern Ethiopia (project director), and documentation of paleontological and archaeological sites in the Fanta stream and surrounding areas of the Ethiopian Central Highlands. At the Smithsonian Institution, Zelalem has developed a digital archive on dentitions of east African large mammals, intended to assist taxonomic identification of the African ungulates using teeth.


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