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KNM-ER 1805

Image of Homo habilis, KNM-ER 1805, skull, 3/4 view
KNM-ER 1805
Exhibit Item
Site: Koobi Fora, Kenya
Year of Discovery: 1973
Discovered by: Paul Abell
Age: About 1.7 million years old
Species: Homo habilis

KNM-ER 1805 was found divided into three main parts: a cranium, a maxilla, and a mandible. The individual was an adult at the time of death, as evidenced by the third molars. Debate as to the correct classification of this fossil has existed ever since it was discovered. It was originally placed in Homo erectus, but based on the degree of prognathism and the shape of the cranium (especially the prominent nuchal crest), it is now considered to belong in H. habilis.

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