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Trinil 2

Image of Homo erectus, Trinil 1
Trinil 2
Exhibit Item
Nickname: Java Man
Site: Trinil, Java, Indonesia
Year of Discovery: 1891
Discovered by: Eugene Dubois
Age: Between 1 million and 700,000 years old
Species: Homo erectus

Indonesia's "Java Man"

While searching for fossils in Java, physician Eugène Dubois uncovered the tophalf of an early human skull in 1891. This skull, Trinil 2, is long, with a flat forehead and distinct browridges and a sagittal keel, though many of its features have been worn flat with age. Dubois named a new species, Pithecanthropus erectus after this specimen in 1894, but Ernst Mayr reassigned Trinil 2 to Homo erectus in the 1950s.

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