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Bangor Public Library; Bangor, ME

Bangor Public Library; Bangor, ME

April 1, 2017–April 28, 2017


Library patrons were invited to answer to the question "What does it mean to be human?" while visiting the Exploring Human Origins traveling exhibit at the Bangor Public Library in Bangor, ME.


They wrote their answers on sticky notes which are represented here exactly as they were written, without editing of text; any drawings are described in parentheses.


The Ability to Conceive of the Future
Having a beter human coprehention
Be Awesome, United, Loving, Caring, and to lented
To have responsibility and be nice
Having the power to choose act and make decisions
Awareness of our own mortality
Endurance + Adaptability
Empathy and Understanding
Comprehending a greater connection to the universe around us
To be Human
Happy feelings
Careing for Pets
Ability to Appreciate Beauty
Curiosity! Empathy! Socialization!
Learing Loving Sharing
Working At the Library
Human Nature, Life
Just a human body. To be a family. All come from adam, Created from dust (clay: dust + water) sons of adam
Like the layers of an onion
Caring and Protecting the Earth
Be awesome and never mess up so I get money
Empath Langauge Art
To Cook...One of Life's Pleasures
The extinction fo knowing from wrong and right. Aggricultar. araware to grow and adapt and Help in our Habitate or compunity
Opposable Thumbs
To live it
To destroy the natural road (modern only)
We are the best way we've seen that the universe has to understand it's self
To care for each other.
to love
To show empathy
To be your self
I dunno...
To make memes
To be naughty
To eat Poison. Well and live life with Reason (not)
The 1995 hatch mobile 200,796 miles. 113 m/h Top Speed
To be Selfish
Sentience Intelligence Cultures
Sexy Time :) And this one
To live
give Birth
To be the best like no one ever was. To catch them is my real test, tot ran them is my cavse
To do good To be good
To share your talents with the world
To be the same
The end is near!
to be equal
Don't be upsetti...Have some spaghetti!
Caring and Love beyond self...compassion empathy for all
Let us show that we are human by the way we love each other. Let us show we are human by our love,
Creating for the fun of it!
To worship god
Desire for the world to have meaning
Yo care for others
A name from God
to work together
To know we are connected to everyone and everything
I fel happy becus I have A family
To fell emotion
To love one another
To love God
To fell Good and loved
To treat animals well and respect nature
Treat each as the same
To question every thing
Peace of Earth and Good will to all :)
To play music To dance To joke around
To destabilitze the economy and fight the establishment!
To feal compassion
To give + feel love
to show care to one another
to me to be human means accepting that we are all human. Not boys. Girls, Black, White, Gay or Straight. It means to show love and compassion to all.
To conceptualize the world in abstract being concious of youself in the universe.
Free Will Love Advanced Under-standing
Currently, to be human is to be a ruler of everything on the planet. We must evolove past this.
We are an ever changing, evoloving, species. There are nto limits!
Means be able to sympathize with all creatures
Imagination and knoledge
to wonder!
Jesus is Lord. You were created by God
Imagination to invent Gods
To be Human we must understand who we really are as Humans and to use the power we ahve to help and make the world a better place
-Evolution -Similarities outweigh differnces -Survival
Learn lnojndice Easily
Creating for the fun and joy of it
Ade ptafion to our environment for survival :)
it fels good
To sweat
To not sin to belive in God
To dwell on the past and dream on the future
Making Art
having the Ability to Adapt, Overcome, Hope, Dream, Have Compassion, Love and Belong
Story Telling
To Live
To share and be friendly
Hope Grows as time endurance quams Mad
Love Aucalliee
To be a conservative Live in community with others, sharing problems and solutions, talking, Laughing and singing together as we work to build a better world
To be Homesexual
To think +make choices
Co-exist in Love
Harming Animals
All the things
having Fun
To grow a brain, adapt, and learn to survive in all kinds of situations
I picked pink! Just like you. To be colorful. Drawing of kite and furry person
Being human means to be able to be extremely stupid.
Learning from you mistakes.
Emotions Feelings :)
making a mess of nature (modern man)
Living Life to its fullest
To have fun!! :)
To maek mistakes
Compassion towardes other humans
Intelligent-unless you count modern man who is destroying his own environment
In theory, all humans sould be guaranteed the same rights and their lives should all have equal value
Learning, Loving, Laughing
Love They Neighbor
Flesh and spirit grown self-aware
Respect Each Othger and all animals
Interconnecting among all living creautures birth-death-rebirth
Celebrating the Eucharist-communion
Having the ability to recognize that were are resposible to care for this Earth and others who are not as priviledged as we are
To be responsible
To be human means to be sexy, fun, attractive, you've got to have a Phet booty. Stupid tuice
Being the Last Bipedal species in our tree.
We all came from the same place.
To be human is to be created by God in His image. I did not evolved from an ape
To do good and be good
Happy :)
Enjoying more rights to the earth than we deserve while exercising less responsibility to protect it than we should
Slim Thice
MCB Happy
Have the power to change with actions-Nat
to be able to comprehend this exhibit!
As a human collective we can create a record of the past, impact our present and future in thoughfuland purposeful ways if we choose, To love and make dicisons about behavior based on love
A living that can move, see, hear, feel, talk. has a heart and soul by:Atley
God b4 thots
Being able to interact and learn in a community
we are not complete yet!
To tell stories through generations
To paint pictures
To create models
To be yourself and live life to the fullest!-Mackenzie
Belief+hope in God
To love, to feel emotion. To be able to be vunerable or to be strong-Zoey
Having friends
To be Aware of Self
To be able to breath and walk
Friends and Family and 2 good Personality
To be alive
To make a positive mark on the world and raise a new generation of lives.
To be nive and kind to one another
Death. Complex ability to mourn after deth
Thinking beyond the present - (for better of worse!)
To accomplish goals and dreams
Humans are planners with vission...
being with you fmaliy and to exercise
To think and make decisions
To eat candy and cake and and other yummy things! very yummy!
complex ability to love and care for
To help those in need.
To be kind + loving
Learn about the past :)
To care for others
To share with others in society
Being able to relatively quickly change and adapt into a new environment
To believe in youself and trust you made to be here
To talk to be kind
Feel + express emotion
To be entertained by games and
different Traditions in Different places
to be depressed
To be kind to love to be responsible to learn to trust
To wake you every day and be able to understand that someone cares about you
to understand
To conceptualize the individual's past and future.
42: the number of life
to be able to love, to be kind, to be able to do good and be good, to be able to learn, to be able to enjoy life. That is waht I think it means to be human
To have capacity to invent, co-operate and survive
To have a part in other human being lifes!! :)
To eat cake + be kind
to accept others for their own unique self
Being a human means to enjoy your life any experences
To be able to empathize
To have culture and be yourself
To care for others, be kind, and understand other people's feeling
To understand your limits and know when to stop, but also to push yourself and never give up
Gros! yuck!!
What does it mean to be human! The ability to grow with knowledge, and to feel empathy for others. How-even I still feel God created man! Judy Ellis
It be intelligent, to have emotions, to love, to exist, to learn and make advances for the future
Culture! Beliefs!
Be cool! - Salad King
To have a family
Cook my food LeVI
We are the stewards of the Earth and, sadly, we are failing
because we talk regular-Amelia
life is capable of anything and can take you anywhere-Stell
To be open to the possibilities and choose what is best.
the ability to be kind
Ability to Reason
A lot of Responsibility
To be responsible!
To have the capacity for sympathy and intelligence and to join them.
To be happy, explore, and love-Kaylee D
to be grateful
The ability to combat evil
To have good time an erjoey-Nathan D
To feel emotions (happy, sad, guilt, etc.)
To innavate
The pursuit of the UNKNOWN
In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth
Sleeping takes up to much time-I like to be awake
To dance
dream big dreams
have Fun
To be young
To be able to imagine life beyond our world
Spending Time With Family
to have fun with faimh
to love others unconditionally. compassion. forgiveness
to be a differnt person than anyone else
Love Love
Sustained memory of family and history
To reason with others
to work together as a community
To ame a diffirence :)
It measn to take what you have, and be greatful for it.
It means that you have the ability to dance, run, swim, etc.
Helping People
These traits effect us by communication between religion, language and everyday people
Because other animals don't have hair and we do. And we read books. -Bora, age 5
Ability to learn TRUTH
Listen to yourself, trust yourself, BELEIVE IN YOU!
To use our brain wisely. Our species has a special brain to follow up with our responsibility and role. To do waht is right!
To love God that made us
Not only to understad your limits, but to push them, and so you best.
To love evolution that made us
Turn Up
To be a human it means to live life to the fullest. To love and respect our past. Including the ROCK N ROLL
Complex social skills in mutual benefit and increased rates of ecological development
To be a bipedal ape in the Genus "Homo'
Ability to relate to and interpret people and what they are feeling
To have feelings and thoughts fluently
To love you Pets
To skilfully ride the waves of life
I am human, I am a meme
To be human means to know the other
To be human -have a family -memeries
Abstract Thought +Bipedalism+ complex Social Structures
To Live Happily
Where will the next Homo sp appear? To be human means to imagine
Wonderful! To be human is to appreciate the wonder of all of us.
To be curious!
Be kind
turn oxygen into Carbon dioxide
To Wonder
Family bonds
To help another heal
To be a G
To be Independent
To love, care, evolve, and learn. To feel, to change, and to grow
you only live once
Laughter means Happiness
To be able to communicate through the generations with the written word.
To love God and be able to express that love
You have brains: Emmet Age 3
To be different
awarrness compassion interconnected-ness
Ching chong potato tomato
To disagree with conservatism
April 26, 2017 ICONS of Jonathan Wells Tonight. On Coast to Coast AMcom 103.90kt/AM
to love others
To be strong
knew you furher, I did!
technically their are 2 answers. Scientifical-the definition of a homo sapien. Meiphonier-?
Homo sapiens is th eonly species to destory or despoil its home. When will we follow Homo Floroensis into extinction
To be Compassionate
All you need is love
To be a steward and Guardian of the Earth
To Be Cooler Than ALEC
to feel emotions
to read
to care to feel to love to want to be under the sea in an octopus garden in the shade
To feel To express To learn To Change To survive
Homo Erectus. BTW: Lucy's hips are short and broad
To be wierd (you know who you are)
Gay :)
IS good luch inherited like other human traits?
Evolution is not real
Torgo! Walk this way.
not sure. im 13 and I guess I havent lived...not much but I like 2 draw. I like food. LindsayKelly
To have the ability to flirt with aliens....Or is that just Captain Kirk? (Seriosely though. Genetrus and good luck.)
Evolution is a LIE
Food is good
Taking care of each other
to be able to change and adapt to what's around you
I worship Kurulo
Be able to Play Basketball
We are Stange!
The ability to create a reusable adhesive.
We are things that will never be fully understoood.
The genome for Neanderthal could be lit seems ) reactivated. Leith
To make differnces and always be happy! Always love yourself!
We are intelligent!
What we beleive is wrong. We are, our solar system, is ina a jar. We are simply an alien's science experiment.-Anonymous
To be magnanimous :)
Magnanimous-having or showing a kind nature
60% banana to be human
We enjoy our friends and learn knowledge. Most importantly you laugh and have fun with anyone!
What does it mean to be human? Being human--it's all about our ability to interact is evolved people and do what we couldn't do before. The sense or idea of evolution. Some may day doesn't exist. Yet we cannot deny that we have evolved inot greater people. Isn't it exciting, that we've been able to survive for so long and most things have been in our favor? Being human is to adunder logically understand each other, We still hold ape-like traits today. To be to be alive.
To love and to be loved
Exploration of the mind, Body, and environment
To think fell, explore and be amazing! Have an amazin life!
We have pet dogs.
to feel deeply and stongly in differnt ways about differnt things; The forming of opinions
means that each day our exesitence is our virtue
To have the spirtual world and physical world live withing us (soul) be Christian
We must evolve in order to grow
I love god
To have the ability to do Good + Bad
I AM NOT AN ANIMAL!- the Elephant Man
To have the ability to do a lot of GOOD and a lot of BAD
To be human means to have the compassion towards others. To feel love, to know emotions without them we would be incomplete!
The hip bones connecting to the leg bone...
Jesus is the Reason for the Season
To be human: to feel, to grow, to love, to evolve
To make music
to dance
ultimate suffering. But continuing on :)
To feel Happiness!
It means you're smart
You are made by god.
To have compassion and be non-judgmental all the time not just when its convenient
To start from a seed of God and to gradualy eventual over time to be more like him!
To have feelings
Compassion + Understanding
I am a human!
Evolution and Science -> is not a liberal conspiracy ->not a liberal conspiracy-a liberal selusion->True is True
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