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Cedar City Public Library; Cedar City, UT

Cedar City Public Library; Cedar City, UT

Oct. 16–Nov. 12, 2015


Library patrons were invited to answer to the question "What does it mean to be human?" while visiting the Exploring Human Origins traveling exhibit at the Cedar City Public Library in Cedar City, UT.


They wrote their answers on sticky notes which are represented here exactly as they were written, without editing of text; any drawings are described in parentheses.


To believe in what you like, because religion is not a priority for everyone. ->
To have relition @
# internet
To find purpose, love, and empathy
To help others
To love my mom
Living intentionally
To love eveyone to care and be happy
To find something worth living for # don't stop believing
To have a sense of community
Making mistakes
To creat beauty in a variety of ways.
Smoke weed everyday.
Improving everyday
To have an identity
To be creative
To learn and try to improve
To take care of others, learn and love
Loved by god
To laugh and find something good in every day
To lead
To live the gospel @ # only in utah
To learn
To live
Good I think…
To love
We feed the other animals
Feelings friendship love ffl
To make the world a better place
To embrace new ideas
To have a genome of Homo sapeiens sapiens
To function, fun, relavent
Our knowledge is better than other kinds
Playing with others
culture and a thurst for knowledge
Eternal beings, love
Netflix and Chill
Being an influence for good
To love and grow in my life and mind everyday. And take a shower
To be able to do sport and activities
Reading and minecraft
Video games
Why are humans so diffeent
Reading, laughter, emotions, love, and family
To constantly imporve yourself
live, lewarn, read, play. Discover…
Exploration, understanding
We are luky to be human because we will live a long time for thousands of years we are lucky to walk on the earth
Eating food and watching netflix
Being able to know your thoughts are your thoyughts. Also being able to use conscious processing to access the subconscious.
To remember we are all sharing our life experiences with eachother we all relate, one way or another :)
To be able to interact with the world on multiple levels. And exist in multiple environments.
Knowledge and soul
Enginiring things shor I love it.
Being different
Be happy and have a good time.
I think being human is really fun and I am not a slave or a butt face. And it is really important to remember we are all sharing our country.
Netflix and chill
Being yourself.
Great Hair :)
To have the capacity to ask why
I love pie
making mistakes
Ve greatful
Caring about others
To be tested on earth
To make mistakes To believe!
The meaning of being humans is that we are the current form of preexisting primates that think and survival bigger brains will think of more.
Feeling emotions
I think having knowledge of physics makes us human
Daryl Dixon (walking dead reference)
I love, care, learn, agree and disagree. Also- to look forward to doing more of the above and work to improve the life that we share.
The ability to make choices and take responsibility for choices
Life is the same to me fun and hard
To understand
Yo have a spark of diety in me. But it also means I have the desires to be less than I should.
to choose
To love
To be happy
To live with xelten
Standing up
To take something from a dream to reality
To go to school and learn
To learn to love and except one another for the individuals we are, it is also to reach oneness within ourselves and one another!
To love
To find happiness and fulfill your goals and dreams
Imagination! :)
We can talk
We can talk
to live with kindness
They are awesome! So are we!
Skulls, footprint, movie,
Think a lot?
They share food because they don’t have much like we do.
To live and have empathy for fellow humans
We talk in complete sentences
To be creative
To be creative
lot of different foods
Eat different food.
Higher order of intelligence, greater global responsibility
To forgive each others
Different abilities
To love
Desine for creative thinking. Ex) stories, symbolism, poetry…etc
To step out of your comfort zone
Be faithful!!
Nothing makes us human, it's just what we call ourselves
To be able to create entire worlds within our minds.
learn something from reading, learning
This can tell you important things!
We are the same as most of them
There awesome so are we.
They do things in cool ways
To strive to be better than we are
ART talking, walking with two legs
Art and philosophy make us human
We all must work. Let noone strike
We all make mistakes
To Listen
It is so amazing!
we adapt to survive
we adapt to survive
We talk in complete sentences
Thumbs and all of our features
Humans are so amazing! We can write
We all have body parts, our features! We can share and love :) We laugh, think, talk, we have feelings. Aren't humans amazing?
We are amasing creatures
You can learn stafe
A living thing
You can do cool things
Were all amazing. Love is always :)
I lie people
We have families
To have awareness of ones self and others around you and your intimate impact and connection
Libe, coexist without hurting no one
is to be gods creation and learn the way of being compassionate. Love!
The human body is fascinating
To live, laugh, love and care
To eat food
to eat food
To be a child of god.
To live in presence not in the "story of me".
To live one another even though we make mistakes
to experience life.
Humans can be spiteful.
I like lauphter and rituals. They help with family
It means we're are different with flaws and perfections
We care about "what does this mean?"
To be human is to be me.
To make mistakes To believe!
We can swim
To have feelings
Our inability as a species to look past ourselves
Life is fun, I'm glad to be here
To think
A dog is mad
To have fun and experiment
Because of Jesus christ
ew! Consciousness
We do not have fur
To grow in knowledge
we are mammal
That you are special
Love your family and loyal
To live a life of love, curiosity, friendship, afventer, and exploting the world.
Family, love, community, caring for and looking after eachother. We are all wonderful and unique.
Compassion, happy.
To love
To enjoy it and have feeling
To love people
Run around
To think of how what we do affects others
Help to serve
to experience life.
It is weird how they find this cool stuff
Loving animals
For good and for ill, man has changed the world
To have feelings and understanding others feelings
To learn new things and to teach those things to others
to live
To learn other stuff about other things you never knew
To be more and to understand
To find happiness doing the things we love, with the people we love
To find our higher consciousness
To be happy
To change the world
Toa dapt to the world around us
Eat drink and stay healthy
To wish for more than we have
To look beyond ourselves
To live
Helping others
making the world a better place and make life a better experience
To use our big ole brains to adapt to ever changing situations
To live
Helping people on the other side of the world
Seeing the goodness in one another
To ponder
To evalve
To help people in need
To love
to destroy the planet, its inhabitants, each other, and move on, like we have since the beginning of the human race
genes and we are different
Ability to choose
to discover
natures abomination
To love
Ability to learn and change old ideas
open to the world
This is so grose
Reason, ability to make choices
Curosity, adventure explore
Complex emotions and ability to choose
Distruction, greed, hate
containging multitudes
creativity, also love
Emotions, agency
Be kind, teach new languages, be happy
To learn from mistakes and have enduring hope.
Having thumbs and ability to learn
To have laughter and you can talk
Learning, loving and changing. Adventure and beauty.
Growing up and living ife
To have a body
Oneness with nature
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