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Ephrata Public Library; Ephrata, PA

Ephrata Public Library, Ephrata, PA

July 29–Aug. 25, 2015


Library patrons were invited to answer to the question "What does it mean to be human?" while visiting the Exploring Human Origins traveling exhibit at the Ephrata Public Library in Ephrata, PA.


They wrote their answers on sticky notes which are represented here exactly as they were written, without editing of text; any drawings are described in parentheses.


A product of gods creation
To learn and to love
Being human is to develop and evolve
Highest form of life
Interact with your environment as you develop through the experiences of life
Ability to make choice
to have a soul, free will and worship god
the ability to love laugh and care
To be like Jesus- Living in love towards others and with an eye on eternity
serving and glorifying god 1 Cor. 10:31
A human has feelings and emotions
We are created in the image of god Gen. 1:26
Playfulness, humor, imagination, creativity and empathy
gods love
living in the sight of the creator Gen. 1:27
Desire and worship
A sinner Romans 3:23
To be able to recognize our failures and shortcomings as a sin against a perfect creator. But also realize there is salvation 3:16
Being human means to being able to think, care about the Earth and love people
communicating chronicling wishing hoping interpreting praying
Our brain broadens the world and limits the world.
We have a long way to go to be fully humane with our brains
creativity, Evaluation, empathy, sacrifice, Prioritizing, Spirituality, Planning
Created in Gods image
The ability to create calthre and to appreciate and enjoy calthre created by others
A marvelous creation with heart and soul
Having intelligence, A person not an animal, having speech
It means seeing how truly degrading it is to be related to a zoo animal
Acceptance of evolution does not mean rejection of faith! First there was matter- Then there was life. In between- there was a miracal!
Common sense
Freedom to make choices
Be creative…be yourself
to live life to the fullest
To be a child of god
uplift eachother
to learn
The ability to learn
to be able to feel and give love
Made I the image of god
It means sharring the Earth for a time
Compassionate, understanding, Conciulatory- after all, we're all related!
To live and breathe and make the most of your life.
PMW (Do not google this)
To play
…is to honor, respect and treasure one another
created by god, not evolved
Created I the image of god, to serve him (Gen. 1)
So people can share their lives
Fearfully and wonderfully made.
It means that we are survivors, the stronger the species the better chances to survive they have. Great display, Thank you!
Broken, Flawed
To seek happiness
To be able to reason, to create.
Greated and loved by god and saved by Jesus (John 3:1) How great is the love the father has lavished on us that we should be called children of god!
To work to create beauty around us. To want to create a better world for our children to live in. To work towards a better future.
Being human means being able to read the bible, tell people about Jesus and having a relationship with god.
To be created by god for a purpose. To know him and to worship him
Mankind is capable of great love but also great evil. Is this our dilemma?
To be a deciple of Jesus Christ
Made I the image of god
Being able to solve problems by thinking and figuring things out
We all are the same on the inside, it’s the outside that sets us apart.
To have a choice
logic, forethough and phish
Made in God's image
being special
Phish tacos
To be human is to experience the world and to try to make it better
Different than animals Gen 1:20
What is it that makes humans better than an ant? …Hmm thinking (yep, they think, feel, smell, fear, love, hope…Hmm…still thinking, I give up. Different shape, but same.
Child of God John 1:12
Do what god wants us to do on earth
To be human means to be created in god's image
So true! And that is exactly the point!. Where religion fails totally!
Made in the image of god
We ask: Where did we all come from? Why are we all here?
To be made in the image of god
To strive for perfection
Created in the image of god
Capable of rational choices that aren't instinctive
Being human is the ability to understand that sharing relationships with others benefits us all.
Growing in intellect and heart. Evolving
We have feelings
Awesome exhibit! Completely mind boggling. Thank you!
Treat people how you want to be treated
Made in the image of god
I have a soul
To create, live, laugh, and learn
Glorify god and enjoy him forever
We are more alike than different
To be curious and often never shut down the new.
To live a life on earth in service of a father in heaven. A journey to our permenant home
To be a creature that needs to be remorceful to his creator
God Breathed Gen 2:7
To live everyday like it's your last
To feel
God's creation
To be accepting of all people, regardless of their faith and beliefs; expecially when they are different
To do good for other in need James 1:22
To be a genetically engineered slave to aliens
Made in the image of god Genesis 1:26
We are an image of God
Believing in whatever you so choose
Seek the truth and god will reveal himself
Outgrowing imaginary friends (god)
To serve and honor god.
Everyone is unique!
Thank god I have him as my creator and lord!
Cognitive faith that can be changed
God created us to be more like him
Animals can't be disappointed when other animals act like animals humans can
To love one and other like christ did. And god created us humans
To remember: Men are the dreams of the earth
to think and to care
Made in the image of god.
Made in the mage of god
Created in god's image
Being humans means that we're constantly searching for a meaning to life. Curiosity beyone our surroundings
Why is it easier to believe we just happened as opposed to a creator god of the universe? Seek him and you will find him.
To make choices to learn, to be compassionate, to love and communicate
To be a special creation of god: designed to live a life filled with purpose and meaning.
Made in the image of god
God breathed his life in us
to love and feel emotions
To have cognitive reasoning and to have a savior, Jesus Christ
This display does not answer the question what does it mean to be human. You will not find any answers from evolution only more questions
what do I think it means to be humans? It sucks, no girlfriend, no money.
To create the future
God has a plan for you on earth
To have true value in christ
To be loved so much by god that he sacrificed his very own son for me, because he wants me to be with him for eternity.
Made in the Image of god.
Image of god
To be made in the image of god.
To be sentient and aware of our own demise, due in great part to our own large and descerning cortex. We are all great observers
to be self-aware in the sense to understanding omne's value, separate from others…a historical ego
god's breathe in us
I am at top of food chain
Thumbs up
To live breathe and act as a being created in the image of god
To be able to think
Thumbs, self thinking
To have choices
Science and god do not have to be separate
To be human- is to be able to think, reason, make choices and to love. Love is the answer to all the world's problems
Caring/Empathetic, compassionate, ethical, intellectual
This is great
Loved by god
You cannot change the science- Open minds!
To be human means to be made in the image of god, with the ability to know god.
Science and religion can coexist
Thoughts, emotions, decisions, all together
Apex predation of the entire planet
Created in gods image (perceft until we disobeyed god and received the consequence). But we have hope.
God made us and we are to be kind.
Expressing yourself
Not an animal
To use reason to create beauty, to think!
Made in the image of god.
Opposable thumbs and potential to care for others
I'm able to abuse gods gift of free will and lie, steal, and cheat and serve in public office
God is life
Gods image
To learn, teach, communicate, love, and understand
To be human means to love
To have a soul
Made in the image of god
I error.
Humans don't have souls. Humans are souls. Jesus christ will give some souls immortality on resurection day
To love everyone as they are
to have compassion
everything was created by god and the only true god our heavenly father if you don't believe repent.
To be human means to love the library
To expand the knowledge of our origins through sund science (as shown here) and yet leave room for a devine power beyond ourselves.
Created by god to love, serve, and glorify him. Every design has a designer and god made us in an amazing way!
To have the breath of god in us and walk in relationship with him
World peace please
Well done- Thank you for being one of the few in the country to host this exhibit!
To glorify god and enjoy him forever. Created by god.
Not always able to be rational in our belief systems
This makes absolutely no sense!
There are a lot of big ifs. This is one possible interpretation- others are valid. What if there was a catastrophe, messing up the fossil evidence?
He has shown you, O man, what is good; and what does the lord require of you? But to do justly, to love much, and walk humbly with your god.
So god created man in his image, in the image of god he created him; male and female he created them.
Breathing the brrath god breathed into us.
In te beginning, god created heavens and earth, on the sixth day god created male and female.
Flies cant spontaneously appear on rotting meat but life can spontaneously come from primordial soup?! What a lie! Life comes from life!
We are created in the image of god and need to serve him.
Excellent exhibit!
Beautifully Presented!
Made in the image of god.
They would help eachother
We use Fire!
Very interesting
To love God. He created us in his image to love him. I don't agree with Evolution. It leaves many things unexplained. God has all of the answers.
Live, love, learn, make mistakes, and to go on better than before.
To worship god and make him known.
We use love.
To be human is to experience the miraculous! Imagine here we be!
I understand how to understand.
We are created in gods image!
Thank you!
A sinner Romans 3:23
Science is real. Fdaith is what you make of it.
Learn and Imagine :)
Yeah ok
Haters gonna hate
Informative! Thank you!
To be human is to learn and experience. Thank you for bringing this great exhibit to our little close minded world, to teach us.
To rise above (With creepy drawing)
A month long exhibit of the evolution process…how about a month long exhibit from the devine creator perspective???
Pursuing wisdom- Proverbs 4:7
To be made by god and for god.
I would like to know how this all started? Why did they not examine that?
Good show Thanks!
To be happy and humble!
To care for all life and eliminate suffering
We can think!
Read the book of Genesis! God already gave us these answers
Thank you- Great Exhibit! -We can't dismiss Science
Created by God in his image with an everlasting soul.
NAMUH- To be able to read this backwords!
This was wonderful. Thank you!
We have chocolate, coffee, and sushi :)
Excellent display! Thanks for doing it!
Made in the image of god
Think create love give
We are created in god's image
…and here is the diagram of how god did this. Do not turn away from his truth.
That were are all equal- male and female, gay and straight, black and white, christian and muslim, young and old.
Created in the image of god.
Ability to empathize and question that around us.
We are intelligent
People that don't believe in evolusion are wrong! Evolution is not a theory it is a fact.
Being created I the image of god we do not come from apes!
…Nobody said we did. We are all part of evolving change.
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