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Oelwein Public Library; Oelwein, IA

Oelwein Public Library; Oelwein, IA Sept. 6–Oct. 3, 2015

Sept. 6–Oct. 3, 2015


Library patrons were invited to answer to the question "What does it mean to be human?" while visiting the Exploring Human Origins traveling exhibit at the Oelwein Public Library in Oelwein, IA.


They wrote their answers on sticky notes which are represented here exactly as they were written, without editing of text; any drawings are described in parentheses.


To live in a free contrie and being able to do what we want
I think that to be a human is to think and to explore. You have to learn and think.
If you are human, it means that you have to respect your world and your country and also respect your love ones
To be human you have to have features like a human. Like to do things breath air go to school work and to able to say something like "waaaa" like a baby.
To have humanits and cares about the world.
To serve live in America
To take care of the world and help it but most people don't it means that you matter in the world.
It means that we are alive. That some day we wont be alive.
To take care of the Earth you were given and do what you can to make it better.
To be human you have to have happy moments, sad moments and scared moments. It's just a part of life.
So you can live your life and have emotions! That what make the world go by.
To be alive and do what you want not what other people want what you want. Live your own life.
To make mistakes sometimes, but not make them a big problem.
a long life of school and learning through research.
We can do thing other animals cant do we can build climb swim hide.
To help people. To have fun . To care for people!
To give Earth help create things
a human is flesh and bones. A human has skin
I got 10 things: life friends people Dane TV love, mony family library
What it means to be human is being able to communicate and talk. Being able to live on our own
To know God is not the only one
It means to be a mammal with two arms, two legs, ears on both sides of your head, one nose, two eyres, a mouth, to wer clothes, and to walk on two legs.
What does it mean to be human? To have responsibilities in life and choices you have to make.
What does it mean to be human? It means that we can soeak and we can do more advanced things than dogs and cats.
To live freely
I think it means to be alive.
To live and exsperance new things
to be happy when you a person
It means to learn while you live
It might mean, be proud of who you are?
I think human means you easy ways to get to things. Like going to the store and buying things.
It means God created you. Because he wanted to give you a family
To live. To have fun. To be caring and thoughtful!
It means that we are that type of animal
The best thing about being a human is video games and shopping
that we can talk, walk, and act'
I will think you to take care of your bones
caring for others. Random acts of kindness
To be human means to make mistakes, fall down, and get back up again.
It feels good that we can talk
To be thoughtful and caring
being a human is cool! You get pets.
OI'm glad to be human and know things learned thru the years
love, reading, art work, clothes, hope faith- Eating with forks.
It means to me to be humans because I can enjoy all the beauty of life and my family
growing every day
live life to the fullest
That you make a difference
to live and love
to be a human means to make mistake fall down and get back up again
I think that it means to me that you can make mistakes but you can't give up o life its self
It means to live a being able to talk to one another. To creat lots of cool things.
To have emotions and be stressed.
Do be happy and to do fun things
To be living and find stuff all the time.
That you’re a living creature and we are all the same. To take care of your bones. And think about your body.
It means to be living
To were close and talk and walk
It means to be you!
Very interesting send more from the Smithsonian.
To be part of the world. To have fun. And to be good.
To have emotions.
That you’re a mammal. To help other animals.
To be able to do whatever you want
To live your life
To help the world and use it wisely
Living life and stay human Be yourself all times.
To help others Creating history and to live freely
We can walk up straight and live longer
To be human means live the life you want not the life that is expected of you.
To live to make a difference and to destroy to love
Living and to die
You have the right to make your own decission
did they have cars or not?
To be free and have houses and TV
To live freely
To live freely and evolve
To be happy and fun
To be happy
Friends family love laugh live to be alive
To live freely
To be able to process information to help us exist. "Existing" is different for some than others.
To gfind stuff.
I like to be human because video games
I know god is not the only one. Live life to the fullest.
To play video games K37/COD blackops.
Love, Respect.
To be mad
It feels great to be an animal
I like the history of the early humans
To be a part of the world.
By responsible of your life, do your job, go to schoolas a job if needed. Do whatever you want, but you never must pay the courses!
I think that it means that we make our own things
What make you human are brain gets biger win we learn new thang.
To be yourself and make mistakesbut when you make mistake you learn from that mistake.
To be nice and make friends. Nice respect.
To be who you want to be…!
To walk straight. To be cared.
To be Amazing!
To rase a family
to live longer and to have emoshions. To have a good culture. To live in the world.
You need lots of water everyday!
Fun! We can talk! We can live logr!
Life is the most amazing thing in the world! Love Hope Peace
To have blood, a brain, bones, skin and a heart/other organs
to walk and stand up straight
To walk on your feet, to jump and talk.
To be sad
To be freely
Love Live
Human means to love, care, fight, be sad, be happy, and be mad, have feeling, and live a life and enjoy it.
To live To love To cherish, To live life to the fullest
Good to be living
Living life freely--Being there for one another. Hope. Creating History!
To be someone that lives on earth and respects people
It's good to be human.
Watch the weather
To be alive
To be freely
it means to be a living mammal
To be living and find stuff all the time.
Think, solveproblems. Communicate, to love-caring for others- adjust to changes
Being humans means to be kind to people. We can work in a garden and we can talk to each other.
To be and to live
Awesome to be a person
To create history and have a book about me and my friends
I means to be helping the earth by ficing stuff up outside.
It means to be human to be a part of this world as a smart animal. Even though we don’t look like any animal I have seen before. I know humans will destroy the earth.
Share jokes
to think and to care
to be able to reason and love
To help pepol
To be happy, live, play and make friends?
to be compassionate and have the ability to experience emotions empathyzing with other.
Awesome to be human
To know more and to beleve
To live life to the fullest
to be in different culture
To walk, breathe, and to help 1 another
Share feelings
Living a life to the fullest
to be alive
living a happy life
It's good to be on this earth
wverything. We help friends, family
Understanding other people
Its good to be one this Earth
You’re a living creature you can live a life you want. You can help, laugh, love, and live happy, and also have friends.
We help friends family keep good communication
understanding other people
it's asame to be a hemin
we can walk up-right and we form relationships. We appreciate art and literature
it means that we have to take care the world just like other animals do
Life is the most amazing thing in the world! Love Hope Peace
to be freely helping others
to be alive
friends can tell the feelings you have are up to you even if you have drama you can feel sad.
growing bealiving gorouing your family tree
being human means to live and share.
To have friends and family including pets
to live life to the fullest
it means to be living
to be kind and to evolve to explore
To live in a good world
To be special and unique
help care smart
to be alive
to be living
to die and live
we have emotions unlike some other mammals
to eat, sleep and live
to live and respect and love others
listen to you heart and follow your instinkes to love life for what it is and to be happy and think as well as grow in spirit and love.
when someone is crying you could help them out
created in the image of god
to have a big head
have a kind heart
care about others
live life to the fullest
live a happy life
It means to be curious
it means that we have evolved and become more intelligent
to not be perfect we all make mistakes we walk on two legs and speak english. And have good head on our shoulders
to mess up and try again
It means that you are just like other people. Also it means to drink water and be health and take care of yourself
changing every day
to have a heart beat
it means to be yourself
helping others
hepling people out
to help others
Don't forget the 7 deadly sins
it means to be living
to learn from ur mostacs
to love others unconditionally
to use our brain and grow spiritually
have success
respect and live life to the fullest. Have responsibilities
to try not to sin
to help people
the ability to reason
is to understand our actions have consequences
to interact with the world around us
we can live longer
to live and invent
Changes my perspective of life
our personality
it is awsome to be human
to empathise and simpathise
to produce ideas and things
live life and have fun
to breath
being yourself
the feelings
to wonder to seek the answers to who and why. And to ask why not
to have human conversations
to stay alive
to have friends
to live
care compassion love, live laugh
to help people
it feels good to be human
we get to live life unlike animals
eating together
to be nice to other people
to explore everything
it means to be a conscious, sane, living being. Also advanced
to hear
sharing wife
to find out more on how we were made
to learn
be able to speak. To be able to think, to be alive
being friends and nice
respect, love, care and thoughtful
to live in a hot environment
you have blood molecules and you can speak a language
it's awesome to be human
it is awesome to be human
able to do things
to have life
share jokes
to have a good life
I think that to win be a person. And I like to do this.
I think that to be a human is to just be yourself
I think that it means to live life while you still can
to live and loaugh and paint
it means to act like a human and have songs and to play and learn like humans
to be happy or to be sad and to speak, just live your life
to have sex
to know and love god
to respect the world and to believe in god and jesus
we can talk to each other and to have a kind heart
human is people how have work and school
it is to be alive and active with other humans
To help out eachother to help the earth, do stuff
because god decided to put us in the earth
to be funny
like having a bigger brain
to experience life.
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