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Orion Township Public Library; Lake Orion, MI

Orion Township Public Library; Lake Orion, MI

July 28, 2016–Aug. 24, 2016


Library patrons were invited to answer to the question "What does it mean to be human?" while visiting the Exploring Human Origins traveling exhibit at the Orion Township Public Library in Lake Orion, MI.


They wrote their answers on sticky notes which are represented here exactly as they were written, without editing of text; any drawings are described in parentheses.


To think things that a fake
It means to have faith GOD! O.K.? O.K.!
sky Fairy
To watch YouTube
Caheth youkliv
To embrace Your differences! :)
To be able to make choices on our own. And live with the consiquences
To learn Have Fun and to be Different. Bria Bailey
To be Differnt
Lenny cm
To Love
to be human means we all make mistakes. But always get a 2nd chance
It means to respect god
To learn
to be able to choose logic over emotion
to love others-Ashley Grant
I means having stone cold missery for the rest of your life living with your sister. Baraka
It means that you are smart enough to be aware of you inevitable mortailty. It means you handle that awareness with muliple forms of denial
We are all not that different
to live, breathe. to reason + connect to others + the earth
Dank memes
To live in...the moment!
eat, sleep, poop, drink, play, have fun
to pursue happiness
To be kind and love others
13ee happy
To imagine create explore our potential
To keep evolving and learning about the world
Beeig Hlpl
Dank Memes Lennyface Chrismissick
to respect each other!
to be yourself and be happy
to be unique
to be caring loveing and nice-Mariana
to poop a lot
Lovin and caring
to know tht we are part of the natural world not above it. Rick
knowledge of our mortality
to love one another peace!
To laugh, sing, and care!
to explore new cultures
to seek out new life and new civilization
Loveing God
Follow Passions! Be wierd and unique
to be swag
to accpet people for who they are
To ahve near handwriting
food livao games
to leave earth better than you found it!
that is a great one-->God is first
Play video games 24/7 nic.D
Accept Adam Nawrocki as our lord and savior
To accept others if they seem different :)
Read library Books!
What does it mean to be human? To communicate with others
To be loved by God
to love and to make the world a better place-Jose
Being a chip
Star Wars!
To be human is to have caring and tolerance towads our fellow humans to continue to imorve and fight for what we beleive in and what is right
No scnod
to have a family
understanding our mortality and embracing it
To Follow Dreams
Love Mom
To share and be kind and that you should be happy your here
To smile!
Learn from mistakes :)
to help People
Books have fod. Wepping, undrstanding, lafter, Books have wrds ove
to live love and laugh and have Enn in god
to kills all humans-Bender B Rodriguez
To be Alive :)
it means to live with school
to do what you love
Good I get to go shoppin
to belive in nope and god
to make mistakes, learn from them and keep trying
Exploring beyond earthly means. airplane/rockets/computers
to ask arbitrary questions about existence
To love people-Piper
to be trustfull. :)
To live like larry :)
To make mistakes-LH
To be a child of God! (light of the world)
to play Pokemon go (got to catch them all)
to be you and just you
smelling the flowers...enjoying life moments
to belive
to find your purpose in life
God created you for his purpose!
See the guy at Krogers! He knows what your thinking.
Markiplier, Jacksepticeye pewdiepie, undertale, portal 1, Pokemon, etc. max K.Brodsky
To carry on Traditions
To be nice to others, and the environment
To be free like a birds, until your uncle hits you with a boat
Aniquely you!
Be kind and patient with each other
Be the ight in this Pork world. Halogen
Read harry potter
To go into space
-Finding God - learning how to be a better you every day -finding your gifts -loving fiiends and family -making memories -enjoying life
I think it means to love
To be humble and apreciate people for hwo they are. Their Genuine selves-A.G.P.
to love hope care
Be happy! :)
to care!
There really is not"mean" to being human. People just need to accept one anothers differences. the point of living is to live life. If humans can learn to accept that, the world would be a better place to live. I guess that answers the question. to be a human is to live life and enjoy it.
to make a difference
To live a life not for ourselves and things. But to accpet Jesus into our hearts and live for Him. To live to help others, serve Jesus and enjoy the hourney! the government doesn't get to decide for me :)
To be yourself
"Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage And then is heard no more. It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. (Shakespeare's MacBeth)
to {heart}
to tie emotions to creativity
to explore
it means that God is #1 And that Star Wars in #2
Being alive and being alive and being abelthdb spoom
loving caring thankful
love your mom
to share your voice-Cece
To live by more than instinct!
to live
to love
to constantly improve our lives as we know it
be weird
To be uniquely designed by God who loves us and made us in this image
be human
to learn, love, and respect each other!-sujay Maddireddy
Be nice to other people bind they can be nice to you
To learn from our mistakes
choose who you are
To love and respect each other!
To lick door knobs
love it!
To hav fun
Caring Loving Thankful
Karmelo and Sakota Tavion
To try your best
To know horns 24/7
to thrive
To be self sware enought to accept that God is dead. That we are left alone to drift in the infinite darkness of our own mortality. To recognize that the only meaning in life is whatever you do that keeps you from killing yourself.
God created us to be different that all other creation. the best thing in life is to be Human!
The option to choose. Other species do not have that option.
To sing + make music!
Gotta catch em all!
to know you life :)-Ashley Grant
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