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Otis Library; Norwich, CT

Otis Library; Norwich, CT

Otis Library; Norwich, CT Jan. 7, 2017–Feb. 3, 2017


Library patrons were invited to answer to the question "What does it mean to be human?" while visiting the Exploring Human Origins traveling exhibit at the Otis Library in Norwich, CT.


They wrote their answers on sticky notes which are represented here exactly as they were written, without editing of text; any drawings are described in parentheses.


Helpful to Everything. U-turns are made to fix our mistakes. Marks of us are left for the universe. Anything can be an asnwer. No one left behind. - Ruiven
To understand
Thanks for a great exhibit. To be human is do such things!
Think about othe people
We've come a long way. Let's not mess it up!
To care for others and search for purpose
How much we have in common (Tons) vs what makes us differnt (Tiny) DMDaniels
To record and communicate you story! and the stories of others
To be healty
It means to be kind, respectful, helpful, and thankful for the things and people that you have in your life. Laughing and being happy
Be yourself
Friendly, kind, and respect
To use tools
2 be cute @senoaya2-
To love each other
To make mistakes then embrace them-Abbie L
To do stuff other can't do and be speison like others
To embrace spirtual reality and source
to understand+care
It means to live. It means to have the rights to life and property of the Natural Rights
To think Creatively
To Live
Food- Areanna Reed Iovene
Ability to Adapt
To be a Savager @Mr-Xavier2
To be Human means to never giv eup and keep on striving-NTG
To be
To B U
To up life each other! Snapchat: Flamegang Ceo
To lovingly evolve in mind, body and spirit alone and in conjunction with one's species. To be human is to grow
Love follow me on YouTube at Naiya Stone
no words
no words
To enjoy and be apart or life beacause U only got 1
As tge nist cibgiutively evolved, with the use of tools and power to shape the world-to be responsible for th ebeings we are connected to.
to benefit from sequential visual storytelling
you need to have a brain
to have Freedome and love you life and be kind and care about eacher other
to continue to evolve in all ways
To be selfish
Thinking and innovation
be human is to be great and happy
This is what a libary is for: education, engagment, empowerment. Otis does it all
To love, show empathy, to care, to sing, to laugh
To show affection
experince new things-Jaxie
To continue to learn and develop
Conflict between groups
To care for others and accept all
a sense of humour
You have your own ablities. To be creative and be who you are. Enjoy who you are not someone else. Find love in your heart-Angie
To have the ability to adapt and evolve
to live life to it's fullest and enjoy each day!
To think, to interact and, reason with others
Canine co-evolution
for live
to love
to speak in metaphor
to have opposable thumbs-UD
to feel love and have a connection with another human
to read and write
exciting time of change!
to be a creature of God
my big brain
The ability to...think, adapt, choose, evolve, lare
to inspire
The importance of it all: personally, relationshiply, communaly and globally
the capacity to create
camilla TL8VE
I love cats
heart drawing
Thinking, Exchanging Ideas
Posess a greater understanding of time, place and complex thought
To walk on two legs
To be able to communicate and accept and celebrate our differences
to find love
be kind and helpful
to have compassion
Hope oer tve future
To be lucky!
Boarders, Government, Use of money, 7 Deadly Sins
Tacos are great
Proof positive were are all connected
Laughter! so human!
everyone is different
To think Erika Poe
Feeling, living, breathing, being
To love
to be kind
To be created by god in this image + to have understanding
To use reason and self reflection to better ourselves and our world
To be present
To imagine a thing that doesn't exist and than make it exist
family to raise children to make the world a better place :)
To think, plan, reflect on the past present, future. To quantify time-knowing that it is finite
To take advantage of everything
To take care of social relationships and be empathetic
our history our progress
as the only species to evolved so which can destroy all others, oursselves and our earth we must learn more about why we are to make sure we continue to be who we are.
help people
making mistakes
to search for purpose
to be a homo sapien
to accept others with their differnces nad to rejoice and enoy them. What a boring existence we would have if everyone was the same...
Asking quesitons, listening to each other's answers, being adaptable to change
to evolve as a species
to die!
a god-give soul
to be kind to one another
the blessing or curse to move beyond instinct to weigh the consequences of action and adjust said action
awesome exhibit. Great explanations. Thank you.
Humans Have fun
To think Freely
to enjoy each other
to be 1 in 900 billion!
To live a life with mistakes , happiness, love, and passion
Death is a part of life...enjoy LIFE
To realize we are all the same
Being human means making opionions about current events for the purpose of furthering our society
To be Kind
The ability to question and reason
To have conpassion for others
Sharing, Helping and smiling
To Have no compassion for animals and eat em
To evolve pysically, mentally and spirtually
to record history
move and speak
To be Wise, love peance, harmony compassion and heal each other
to be understanding and to love others
Purpose! To love, to impact others lives-positively!
Son't believe everying you see or hear without research yourself-ThunderCat
To realize that you are human
To be human is to love and learn how to live with one another
To support the people around you
To have emotions and reason
to be alive
to have animals
To do all we can while we are here :) to care for each other
To heart drawing!
Making educated and civil decisions=Human
existential crises. The ability to have it!
To be able too make things and life better UIC
be nice and kind and thankful of what you have
There's a little bit of each of us in everyone! Be Kind!
To have feelings
To problem solve
to help others and show kindness
to be adpative and resilient
What does it means to be human? I reach for you dreams you can do anything you put you mind to. To be caring and loving to each other. To Have loving and caring relationships. keep our earth safe.
I means to have feelings and emotion to one another
to question your own existence
to sing and dance
to have a heartbeat that goes w/your peronality
to question everything
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