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Peoria Public Library; Peoria, IL

Peoria Public Library; Peoria, IL

June 17, 2016–July 14, 2016


Library patrons were invited to answer to the question "What does it mean to be human?" while visiting the Exploring Human Origins traveling exhibit at the Peoria Public Library in Peoria, IL.


They wrote their answers on sticky notes which are represented here exactly as they were written, without editing of text; any drawings are described in parentheses.


To love and to be Loved
To have awareness of oneself.
I move and talk they can't sing Mexico they can't ride a bike
To eat donuts
We like to tell stories & have a good imagination!
2 nya talk bead sinog chaich
To be generes
Smart not sabage
Love you Rylie Age 5
To be smart and not savage - Lili
humans can kevin diffently.
To love and find fulfillment
To be a good character Kai.A.....
It means to shaped different. Thun the ape-humans
My Father, Kenneth N.... working as superintendent for O'Frank Heinz, built this library and would be so proud of this exhibit! Penny R....
Love and except
Expression through art
To be smart and not savage - Lili
bones dirt apes love talk Aaron
Living life to the fullest
monkeys don't go to school, they can't talk, write, or get their own food
To love one another & live in harmony
to benies
Thanks! Super Stuff
Where are the Denisavonians? (sp)
(can't read 1st sticky note)
Means to be smart, not-savages, loved, and understanding Layla
To live every moment in Peace
Mass Manipulation of a habitat and the organisms within that habitat
drawing of person
drawing of a skeleton
Bones work a lot
having fun and being with family.
To help others, to love one another
Fascinating! ツ
Our mind
To be human is to love, respect all plant and animal life. ❤️
To Love, Experience, Be creative, Have feelings.
Being part of a family with diverse interests and futures!
we can TALK!
Makes evolution and comparison between us and apes clearer and amazingly similar
I love God
We have God's life and nature
Yes, God made us all, but who is God? Or what is God?
God made us how we are from zny
To believe
It's amazing where we come from! It's simply Awesome!
To use our gifts to help the Earth and all living things
Faith Hope Love
To play with cars
To share with others
Meaningful Human to be free
drawing of a girl with a crown
taking care Sam
Rational, upper level thinking balanced with emotions and forward planning
Have fun
Genesis Ch 1 & 2 God made man and we were made in the image and likeness of God. Genesis 1:26
To overcome
Evolution Meaningful
To be American
God made us as people
Humans used to be monkeys orangatangs or any type and then when years past they started to change there form and then the turned into humans when sometimes they looked like they were humans when they werent and even more years past and the turned into humans The End true
i said don't get mad for finding a fossle people might not like it but your fameley will.
To be kind to have lips and nails eyeballs
We don't really know...
Live life the way you want!
To be human is to have emotions and feelings.
being kind
To love others
To be somewhat extrodary and (can't read the rest)
My mixtape sound*****.com/**********
We can write poorly
To eat cake and play Barbies
Acceptance of the other
Natures most raw beauty is the circle perfect in its continueance with no break between death or life
We can thive car
love one another, stay happy, live life a positive way!
To be a vessel od God to contain Him and express Him on Earth.
To know and understand what is outside oneself - others, the universe, the past & future
They cant make cloths.
I am human because my parents al to let me be.
humans can be different ❤️❤️❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
Rational, thoughtful, yet empathetic thinking
God made us
I hope I thaught my 4 children about compassion
Care for others
Life itself
Caring for others
To feel compassion & empathy towards your fellow humans. To care and strive to help one anotherr. Kindness towards others.
Love family friendship ツ
To have the time & energy to create art and music!
Whites should stop feeling superior!
To have the ability to make sacrifices and gain notheing out of it, in the moment.
Love (in caption cloud)
When during evolution did the soul enter the body??
We are interested in our past
Not to destroy our planet & hope
We are made in the image of God! ❤️
the mouth
Keisigustafson 1. Reading book 2. Running 3. Listen to music 4. Watching TV 5. Love family God
To appreciate all living things with respect for their contribution to the life within me.
Love God
To be human you have a heart that pumps blood & yoir organs muss work.
The ability to become self-aware, appreciate beauty, and love.
Spare time
To understand each other and love to humen and our mother earth C.W
Do not hart care about them Sam
corage Sam
We are just a moment in time -
To be a complete savage 100 - Brady
To make peace not war
To tell jokes
Exploring more
A survivor
We wear clothes. 3 year old boy
to have the ability to willfully work towards our own demise. 😟
to be free (Tony)
to have emotions along with physical and mental capabilities
Chicago Look
To be human is to have the experience of life and of joy and of suffering + to try and find some kind of a purpose.
just trying chill homie
That we have come far, and yet we have far to go. Be humble & kinda to all walks of life
the ability to think about what made us human!
To make sense of the world through stories
To be a member of homo sapiens or a closely related species (geneticaly)
Family! Ability to love $ learn. History & Art. To continue family traditions
We can Brio talk. Humans ha diffent skin
To be funny and have love and faith and hope - Haylie-Jo P*****
There was an intelligent designer (God) that made humans and the universe. It's all to complicated to happen by accident/chance.
To be a part of Nature
Hope Love Community Jesus God Family Friends
To honor God and show His love to others
Empathy Compassion
The ability to reason + discover
(stick figure of a girl with a thought balloon) to learn from our mistakes
Joy and pain
How stupid man is! "YHWH"!
to be able to Dab!
To know the God who made us (Psalsm 100:3) and to live a life that is well-pleasing to Him. ツ
( ❤️ ) one another care for each other
To be able to feel + be a free thinker
To be human is to concieaciously rise above the fray and do to others what you would have them do unto you! SA
To have the choices, to love, care, understand, the beauty of our fellow humans, and the choice to forgive and forget
To provide care and services to others in my community
love talk Aaron
feelings love your mind
To ❤️ one another! Unconditionally ツ
I can write
awesome exhibit
To be creative and funny and have fun.
to have fun & walk on only 2 legs by Jaida J.
To make mistakes
To learn wrong from right in life
To learn
Jaidan to be a Good person
love ❤️ sister brother mother
to be ugly
To read
Smoking weed
What does it mean to be human? To be made in the Image of God
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