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Spokane County Library; Spokane, WA

Spokane County Library; Spokane, WA

Jan. 6, 2016–Feb. 2, 2016


Library patrons were invited to answer to the question "What does it mean to be human?" while visiting the Exploring Human Origins traveling exhibit at the Spokane County Library in Spokane, WA.


They wrote their answers on sticky notes which are represented here exactly as they were written, without editing of text; any drawings are described in parentheses.


Game on!
to live your life being happy!
how we evolved
be a friend and help when help is needed
that all humens are the same as animals.
to help others
To Grow
Get Money. Send Money.
See movie: The Big Short
humans have a soul
Playing with friends
Aware Sentient
Created in the image of God <3
sMaert and saefe
Take care of our brothers and sisters!
to have good life and dreams
to make music
adelielte to be mindfall
to help others
I think it was amazing how we developed from an ape to an human being and if the ape didn’t take its first steps we wouldn’t be here so we are just the same. We are animals.
To live with compassion to be true to this, which is part of our good inner nature , especially because compassion - acts - treat others- is what truly makes the earth spin
to be created by god in his image + likeness
They cook.
to live with compachon
sharing food
devoloped brain
finding yourself
to be human means to love & care for one another
washing deseandents and frozen crafting feveru
Being a Native American
to be a child of god! Heirs to God's kingdom through Christ
to be able to change
Laughter 0->-< Ha ha ha
and all other 5,000 gods humans imagined
to be imperfect
skull - lungs - muscles - brain - play - games- technology - hugs
two scrambled eggs HAPPY hang out with friends
the ability to have faith in the unknown
to be nice and smarte
to be blesses with the opprtunity of salvation in Christ Jesus
we are just animals!
I love with Awesomeness.
create art
to love, have a spirit, make music, make memories
nothing at all
live boldy and love god
we can feel. We can try to understand others
means to be created by god
lifes about living
Laughter 0->-< Ha ha ha
to be ourselves and to be independent
humans stand on two feet
Dance like nobodys watching & sing like nobodys here!
have fun
to be cool :)
to think, feel, explore & love
civilization + to advance beyond natural selection
to understand and to love
love each and everyone
its hard to feel good for others
Making more of life <3 * <3 *
<3 choosing to be ones- self! <3
to care
Love, compassion, faith, hardwork
to forgive and be forgiven
to take care of, love & protect this earth <3
opposable thumbs + bigger brains
bieng a kid
to care for others to love <3
to comprehend concepts and ideas and live them
mourn the loss of loved ones
to be creative
all living things were created by God, but humand are in his image
Fun (stick drawing of man and a tricycle)
Play Mincraft
to have different culters, races, beliefes. And to be different (4 stick people drawn. One with a star of david, one with a cross, one that is white and one that is black)
be loveing to others <3
they are dull means they are dumb
be nice :)
Explore new frontiers
we have the same creator. We look similar because of him. We are MADE to follow GOD!
Awesome people were here. (two scrambled eggs, chain links, ice cubes)
Humans need go vegan
BATMAN IS (batman drawing) THE NIGHT
to be like jesus ! <3
to love, laugh, and learn <3
to feel
be like GOD
you cant be like god
be yourself
so do want you want to do in life
"love is all you need" - the beatles
going outside and being free
my ancestors were human
definitely not tree lemurs, apes, or hominins
Exploring the past <--- past Future--->
humans were created in the image of god. Any scientist who truly studies the intricacies of the body knows we didn’t just appear out of thin air; we were designed by all-wise God himself. All the "stuff" set up in the library is conjecture at best. Even Darwin denied evolution on his death bed!!
we are created In gods image. We are not MONKEYS
our DNA
Go Vegan!
to have hope!
Seeking, finding, learning
love eat share cool create love hell food brave amazing compassion (written in a lolipop shape)
Having feelings + being aware
to protect our planet
to be smart and strong. To be the best at what we do. To be in power of everything
crafting watching descendent and frozen fever.
the potential to live intentional lives.
blowing bubbles, playing ring around the rosey, anything said by winnie the pooh, and a single shot mocha, extra hot (written in a spiral)
to have war
created In the image of god, we did not evolve from lower life forms!
unique and different
(drawing of a cross)
maybe a library is just the place for you
to have babies
belive in God
Heart, hands and Mind
Learing about the future and the past
have fun in your life
(drawing of an elephant? Woolly mammoth? Seal?)
to hav famollee
to enjoy life
to practice kindness and peace
to have life <3
bones, skin organs, muscles
caring <3 + love + life
to "love the LORD thy god with all thy heart" (the first & greatest commandment from Jesus Christ)
changing things in our enviornment in a profound way.
to have fun
understanding & using mathmatics
to love live and be awesome
making babies
we are intelligent
loyalty to animals
alive to lifes adventures
having babies
australian reoyoer
we have bigger brains
to learn, love and feel
be cined
religious tolle
reading and writing and learing other languages to communicate
to help others who need help
to be alive basicaly your own definition of life
go ware aven you want win goa a re aldor then last
belive that families exist after death.
care for others as long as you care for yourself to
:) is what it means to be human
to love [GOD] and others
careing for others
critical thinking and the ability to create
to live and to die
to express your creativity
to learn from the mistkaes we make ~~~ its good to make mistakes
to fogive and to be passionate <3
wear what you want
Learing the future and the past!
be brave
to be yourself
EDUCATION plan your future
love <3
to love
we have a spirit
be safe and smart
to be a human you get to enjoy life.
the meaning of life is to be kind to everyone
to know and love God (christ)
to be awesome
Human doesn’t have tail (drawing of monkey with table)
A evolutionary experiment gone rogue, space age w/ technology stone age emotions!
Love and leelings.
to be yourself
peace and love for ALL!
never judge only love
ability to reason beyond basic instincts
Tria + error
to make mistakes and learn
Nurturing Community Art- Music Laughter Communication
imagination :)
Born with the idea we can live forever
Genisis 1:27 - Bible - God created man in his own image- Male & Female he created them.
Communication connection conservation
to be same!
Ability to love!
Most invasive ever.
we cook
to be equally treated. In his own imaged as he created humans.
complex design
have a lot of fun!
ability to get along! + everything being thankful
have peace once and a while <3 <3 :) <3 <3
to change our minds about things
to hate
omg it you LIFE! MPL for days
to become parapro & help ppl
not evolved!
Benc care <3 B <3
Knowing that you live free of any - public- private- party relationship like Icann
not an APE
what you see from them is how they are.
learn & love
symbol making is key + starts quite early
scientific miscalculations
love & care about the world
Imagine (peace sign drawn)
not being perfect, love, hope, faith, FUN!
hope, love and be happy to be free
to have hope!
making our own thoughts
we need to think before we speak
humans have the capacity to love
to fix mistakes
:) live healthy love be happy empathy
Religious tolerance
to be happy :)
sadder war :(
to be awesome
be who you want to be
prayer and song
thought + consciousness
creating objects that mimic us.
Have fun
asking questions
to love
to be able to poop
Ability to ponder questions like "what does it mean to be human"
to be yourself <3
to be kind to others
Knowing what "we" are :)
able to ponder the past and guess at the future
to find the meaning of life
<3 compassion + willingness to care for others
to understand what emotions are
to help
AWARENESS how many years will we look like this?
to always strive to better ourselves and improve the lives around us :)
Never stop learning
to do something about global warming + corporate fascism
god needs to make someone to take care of plants and animals on earth, so he made us.
Share your kindness
to be human is to teach the kids to make clothes (drawing of a person)
to love and to have hope
making art!
to have peace <3
to cooperate and to plan
helping is a good part of being a human
happy happy happy
think about DEATH & AFTER LIFE
to be able to seek God
to learn and choose to build. Take or give love or hate to make mistakes and learn.
Make a difference and discover new things
everyone can be GOD
discover learn solve problems improve the world evolve
love and care
to share kindness and help others :)
to breath, love, and eat!
to honor God, serve him, + love others.
Choose what you remember
back pain
Where did "LIFE" originate? (life is circled)
the whole galaxy - said 5 year old boy :)
Change the world
be as true to yourself as you can
to be yourself - to live in the moment
To Learn something that we have not learned
pay attention to what you are doing!
be like your self
to love & worship Jesus & love others
To like Turtles (drawing of turtle. Smiling with one tooth)
ability to think in the abstract, & to communicate in complex speech patterns
share, be kind and be yourself
and you will be loved
to spread joy, love, and happiness
Plan forf the Future
:) (to be myseld)!
to love
to create
To Hope
Te Freedom to Love and worship God
to love, feel. Smile. Hug, emotions grow, life and death
Finding "someone" to END CANCER for good!
To be human is to make mistakes. Then (hopefully) to learn from them
to have empathy
we make art
ability to be mindfull
to serve others (humanity)
to be good
to think, feel, explore, and love! To have compassion, and to live in the moment.
live, love, laugh, live your life with laughter, hope for the best and you'll be fine!
Just be you!! Whatever that is
we are conscious of our being!
To explore, to discover, to love, to cherish, + to grow
people are note the same so don’t trid to be the same
thru God all thinkgs are possible
God created us to have free will. Choose what you want to do (sin and not sin)
Free and learning
AGE 7 harbovht LOVE! :)
David Bowie's guidance
People come from nature
to have compassion
being your self, and caring.
to create gods for everything we don’t understand
created by God in his image, not evolved from animals!
to learn beyond the experiences od those nearby
I don’t think we have changed
wonder about mortality and mystery
to help others
to make the world a better place (drawing of the world)
to help people and sread kindness
to help others
to do anithang
spend money on food
to be happi
wear I no clothes (drawing of little kid in dress)
to be happy
Be Brave Be Bold
to advance and thrive under the watchful eye of GOD
going into space (drawing of rocket ship with moon or stars)
war :(
to believe <3
we are _ animals !
we know God!
to make mistakes!
Evolution is! Real :)
To have our own language
Knowledge of death
We all are connected people Animals + Plants the whold world. And we can save it all if we try
to have compassion for all of earths creatures.
to grow and be true to yourself
to love and to Hate
Conciousness knowledge put with emotion is POWER.
To learn to be kind and helpful to others
Praise the spagghetti Lord! (very detailed and shaded and great drawing of the spagetti monster)
to have Talent
the ability to uderstand the Need to Unite + work togeather, to thive instead of only worrying about our selves seperately + fighting!
to explore
the ability to use the scientific methods
Be your self
to care for one and other and show respect
Pain and death
Finding your passion <3
To Love
to show the world what I got to give
to be kind.
we are awesome
to love <3
to show compassion and help other humans and creation.
being with the love of my life <3
to be able to feel and experience emotion - love, sadness, happieness, etc.
to live in Harmony and to discover the undiscovered
to be able to cry
we lern to love
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