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Springfield-Greene County Library; Springfield, MO

Springfield-Greene County Library; Springfield, MO

May 7, 2016–June 3, 2016


Library patrons were invited to answer to the question "What does it mean to be human?" while visiting the Exploring Human Origins traveling exhibit at the Springfield-Greene County Library in Springfield, MO.


They wrote their answers on sticky notes which are represented here exactly as they were written, without editing of text; any drawings are described in parentheses.


To ask the question "What does it mean to be human?"
Love one another
To create or created
you fat 😲
to have two feet & arms & no tail ❤️
To wonder to feel awe
Mastering Bipedal Movement and Humo-
Having to deal with other humans... interverts unite!
Seeking out new things to LEARN!
Crtowieh pauiruiri sye olle drugiego crtxwielve cogido ergo sum.!.
DE_Evoluntion is real (underlined) (4 layer round cake)
Jehovah's Witnesses business card
In the Beginning GOD life into man
Jesus Christ is my ni**a
To love cookies!!
compassion selfishness love inner moral compass sharing finding your you.
Having a chance to live with our earth and god.
God could create people & rocks that apperaed 6000000yrs old - Why would SHE?
to be a child of God.
God Created all things including the first monkey
Neanderthals evolved into I.T. people
It's up to You...
The ole Razzle Dazzle
(cursive) Relationships beyond survival.
God's greatest gift to humankind is the ability to adapt.
to respect god ツ
To not be a Jerk
To feel empathy and care for each other
To learn to trust is human
they have rights
To keep the world moving forward
To lie 😟
To seek happyness
Gen.1 - 26 or 27?? We are created in the image of GOD or LOVE Gen1:29 - We are to eat plts Not kill- when we don't We loose our humanity!
"To go potty and wear big girl panties" - Skylar age 4
Horriable and good
Empathy - + symathy - + equals understanding
watching people fail
(cursive) Love one another
Be nice
a scull
Little version of Jesus
(cursive) To be made in His (God's) image and likeness. to care and have respect for all mankind.
Sharing your culture
Paying Taxes
To be confident ツ (in a text bubble "I'm confident")
Development of complex language
None so blind as those who refuse to see.
To Be Kind
To be able to luue and furgive
To tease & bully others
don't be wild
Not Believing in lies like this exhibit and evolution.
At best open-minded enough to view exhibits like this as avenues of discussion. At worst so closed minded as to see such exhibit as heretical.
To Be Connected
thug life
The ability to do things not according to instincts.
Eat *lllll* Sleep Jeep
There is nothing that makes us human, except our own conceptions
To create, invent, and share ideas
The capacity to change the world to suit the needs of one.
Every nationality, race, of a human being are equal in form, Different in character but equal in creation & love
Be nice
Laughing at farts
(arrow to previous comment) Indeed!
To laugh at ourselves
Be nice
To Love
Human beings were created in the image of God
To be different...
Make mistakes and love another (peace sign) 🌎 ❤️
to understand life and who we are.
to be kind and sweet to every oun around you!
To thank the Lord
Having a relationship with God! ❤️ (with cross in middle)
Thank God for Science!
Display Blasphemy Darwinism
The Extreme Animal
To be human means that I have free will. That I can think + choose for myself. Question everything!
Darwinism is a lie!
To live life to the fullest
Having a conscience & morals
To be caling loveing and to live on the edge
Laughter fun cool thats wat
Lafter is a human thang that we do a lot
to ride the waves if you ure Posidon
I'm created in God's image - & it's NOT a monkey!
Objectively, our DNA makes us human (underlined). But is that what makes us persons (underlined)? That is the real question.
To be human means you are able to constantly define & speculate the physical world around you & include your beliefs
Personhood (underlined)
Be Happy
To Be Respeted And to Be Loved - Anonymos
Use of Metaphore (underlined), hence, complex lauguage reading, writing to convey ideas that give us power over nature, made possible by cooking - more brain food!
To live a great life.
To learn to Forgive & Forget
The Book of Genesis is but metaphor for the evolutionary process - so no problem here. GM
To be a human is to never grow up - its a guy thing
Being fully human means knowing the Lord.
To be human is to love - each other, the animals and all of life.
To be human means to take care of what God created and put on this Earth.
To be human is to be made in God's image. Intelligence with emotions. I
To think for yourself
To believe in creation NOT (underlined) Evolution
To love to experience to need people
Having hope (underlined) for today + tomorrow
God loves you
To read and enjoy great stories! ❤️ Mallery
"For by him all things were created, in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible... and he is before all things and in him all things hold together" Gal. 1:16-17
To be self-aware. To think of the past and the future.
To find out and to love - Camton
yay Science! Reality
Charles Darwin admitted on his death bed that he made it all up...
... the greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.
To Have FUN
Display is Anti-Christ
To love to have empathy
Big Bang! Evolution!
No need to be thretened by information. We can learn and still love each other
I do not see the conflict between God and science. An animal that can change and adapt to its environment is no less amazing. What a great system to "create"!
To be human is to have the capacity to wonder, investigate, research, and debate.
I ❤️ Zinjanthropous!
A gift from God
To Experience what being human is like
Hi Hi
Why cannot God's image be that of a humanoid primate? Does this make any less of a God?
God made us God's not dead
Being able to Smile - Diane 😊
There is nothing that makes us distinetly human other than our belief that we are superior and set apart from the rest of the creation in the world
To Rock !!! (figure with hands raised)
Man did not macroevolve from apes. No proof for macroevolution!
To err & be forgiven & L❤️VE
To have - empathy compassion remorse & guilt
God made me!
Safe Reaspeciful Reasponsable
To learn to love ❤️
Display is Anti-Christ AntiBible
To be thoughtful of others
you have the ability to interact with your surroundings and make choices. hopefully wise choices.
To conscienciously manipulate the enviroment to benefit the common good with reflective forward thought.
To Help
Farting & laughing
you can do anything if you want ツ
To eat alot!
We were created by GOD in His image
To find yourself, then give it away
to be respectful to others.
We do not (underlined) believe in the Darwin Theory!!
to love
To Be Thankful! Milo
To have a difference in opinion from others
(cursive) Because I can do so many awesome things
To be Human is to be unique we're not cookie cutter people ❤️
To wonder where as a species, we come from and where we're going
Wonderful, educational exhibit!
Higher capacity for reason, complex thought & emotional response which can be put into action
Ape's in the plan. We're all here to prove it! - Devo
To be Creative!
Ecco homo
to have a body
Live yolo
Chris Hemmsworth
We have loved the stars * too fondly * To Be Fearful of the Night
Live our lives - Adam
to feel love, compassion Annnie.k
To love, adapt, help, forgive, feelings
to question/to create/to explore/to love/to dream There is room enough for all (3 stars and a moon)
Making Mistakes and learning from them.
Ability to recognize and appreciate Beauty (underlined)
to cultivate experience
Women were not
to be kind.
Man was created in the image of God (underlined)
To live and learn from mistakes
Make as many friend as you can
Love one another
To be one of many.
Genesis says God created man in his own image 😊 we are fearfully and wonderfully made!
Laughter eads
To be kind to one another - Violet Age 8
To be human is to learn by making mistakes and having successes.
Kindness Love Equality
To Experience Things
Large Brains are to be used
To destroy everything you touch (the Earth)
A living person
We all make mistakes + we are all different! And it is okay ツ
To be human means to discover life's possibility's and live it to the fullest
You are special (underlined) to your creator (underlined) GOD (underlined)
(cursive) You have no clue!
(cursive) A living, caring, intelligent being given life by God.
To care
Your display goes against the words of God!! Blasphemy!!
The Biological Imperative
To Learn Live Love and have god! ❤️
Striving to be better
Explore and learn.
Thankful.... that God saw fit to allow us all to survive!
Made in the Image of God the creator who loves you and me!
I like being a human becuse we learn how to rea books I ❤️ Humans! Love Elsi❤️
To live ! ❤️
To be aware that our choices have consequences for the future.
To love others & not to judge people ❤️
to live a good life, and to love and share - Amore
To over eat. Trent
To be what we WANT to be. What else are we good for?? Arya age 11
cool sckulls
Love love love
rose love (drawing of a rose)
Hi hi 😊
To love
To be Creative!
to think in the past, the present + the future. Awareness
Learn, Love and Explore
Life 😊
To be kind to ALL
Really! Just Bones!
Be your own Life
To use tools, have organized and constructed language, and develop ways to learn about the world & universe (scientifically)
To be loved and forgiven
(cursive) Thank you so much!! What a great experience!!
To live a good life ❤️
To feel emotion
To learn and evolve (underlined) ❤️
To do Your favorite hobbies and do what you love. ❤️ - Fiona
Scientific! And cook!
thug life
wete eads
To be loved by GOD
What is inhumane is also ungodly
Who made people?...monkeys/ Who made monkies? Who made rocks? is a lie! God is real
To build wonders
Having the ability to use reason
Made (underlined) Whose God!!
In Yeshua
God's Image
To be human is to have empathy for everyone. Including Animals.
God is an Ape Too!
To Love with the grace of God!❤️
Imago Dei/ - to create/ - to love/ - to be a steward...
De-evolution is real. Jocko Homo
Created by God!
the capacity to hate
To be human is to overcome fear
I am not a special creation I am a human part of the natural world genetically related to monkeys, bananas, trees... everything!!
To be created in the image of Yahwah, the creator of everything. The God that loves us so much that He wanted us even though He knew we would reject Him. Praise The Lord!!!
You be correct young sir. (arrow) 🌎
Not origns to apes but to God Having Experiences physical & spiritual
That I didn't evolve from a monkey
We exist at the same time as monkeys therefore we do not come from them we share a genetic ancestor.
To be one with God
To be yourself & not who others want you to be. - Adriana
(Large drawing of a man's face, talking) I can walk like an ape, talk like an ape, do what monkeys do. God made man, but a monkey supplied the glue.
of how we became human - Brittany
Love Peace Happiness (peace symbol) ❤️ ツ
God created evolutionists
Midnight & high noon in the garden of good and evil.
if given more room and time I would correct sooo many of these. God or no God we're a collection of allees and are judged by our fitness and ability to pass our allees on.
Humans were created by God (underlined)! Amen Evolution is a Lie!
Created in the image of God We are Nothing without the holy character and gifts given to us by a loving God
(drawing of a man's face) We're all Devo (underlined)
Is God real?
Grateful - to be made in the image of God.
To be the only creation made in God's image. To love, forgive & feel ❤️
God reated everything in His own way. We should love reation and take care of people, animals earth, air - and asstt everything.
To Be human is to possess more than mere intellect. We have imagination. We dream of the future. We also have a responsibility to care for other animals, plants, the planet, etc.
To be your self and not judge others by their looks or the price tag on their clothes.
To live for Christ (underline)
To understand and value your experiences and put them to use in your life
I know of no other species that knowingly lives within their own contradictions on a daily basis. - L.L. Anthropologist
Only humans irrationally believe in "God"
Being human: We get to love, take care ofaneis, love, eat good food, love, paint, read, write, love walk dogs, Be Free! (drawing of a butterfly)
Problem solving
Don't feel threatened
To be human you must have free thoughts, kindness, selfishness, and the ability to think and act rationally
Genesis 1:1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth ❤️❤️ I love God❤️❤️!
The knowledge of God is the beginning of wisdom
It means that we are all pretty stupid and, but the other notes, we fight ALOT. (underlined)
To dwell not just in the present, but in the past and future as well.
To search for meaning (arrow) The group gives us meaning, and so we trust the group, even if their ideas (God being a man that created us thousands of years ago.) are very flawed. It is this clinging to old ideas that makes us human.
You are teaching young children lies the only person who made us perfect nothing to do with animals.
A human is not started to be a mukey.
To be able to laugh at random times! To think it's OK (underline) to make mistakes!!
To worship God (underlined).
To be human means to have more intelegence in the world
We are not made from monteys. God made us in His image and to worship Him. I do not believe in evolution!
Make Mistakes/ Learn to L❤️ve
it means to prety
Extinct monkeys are not human ancestors. 😊
It means we glorify God in our human body! (non-monkey!) Praise God!
An ever-shifting balance between the temporal & the spiritual forces of nature.
Being human is an experience for a Spirit-soul
To Be Happy
Dark Memes
I am not a dalek!
5-21 Evolution is Bunk!
To Be yourself ❤️
To be or not to be human (underlined)
To forgive the ignorant
For Pete's sake - read The (underlined) book!
What it means to be human is to think of others not just yourself. Elliott
To use our intellegence to improve our environment and world so that our offspring can survive and prosper SB
For God to look like a small, fist-size humanoid skull makes him no less God. & we are created in His image. It's all (underlined) good.
None of us are human. Humanism is a construct made up by the government. Don't trust anyone!
Great exhibit. Yay, Evidence!/ Yay, Science!/ Yay, Knowledge!
To worship the lord your God, and Him ONLY shall you serve.
To be able to grow and explore new places and try new things
to use our natural instincts & develop a better world for our children
One race
Ability to confuse superstion & myth with reality & science
Evolution gives me so much joy, peace, and love!!
Evolution is beautiful process of God's creation
Belive in what you Belive in. Peronly as a Christain - God
"To be Human is to be Flawed"
Science Builds Towers Religeon Destroys Them. Trust in reason and evidence.
God saved our lives
Being Human is temporary: were here to do God's work! Therefore go and make disciples of all nations.... Mathew 28:19
The ability to be bored.
Evolution is a big lie from the devil!
to push through life's hard times God made us.
Exhibit is in the Beginning God! B
Having a Gallifrean as a best friend
What if being human involves a whole lot more than we realize?
evolution is an interpretation
creationism is an interpretation
To like Football!
For God created man and woman in His own image In the image of God He created them. Male and female He created them. Genesis 1:27
To like gymnastics
Meh... mostly eat some sleep. Its a girl thing. (cat face)
God made man from the dust of the ground
It means to love being Alive
I will paraise you God my Creator for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Marvelous are your works my soul knows it well
The ability to over come cognative disson
Awareness of consciousness & communication ❤️
to question
have feelings and emotions
To be human is to follow the Lord in all you do and don't fall into temptation: - Amen!
To love & Be loved & Enjoy Him fully.
Our true nature is Love!
I am that I am ❤️
To be human is to be created of God, IN HIS IMAGE! In the beginning...
Amazing there are still man and monkeys apart from other!
5-21 How could thee be death and suffering before Adam and Eve sinned?
Since the apes came first as you claim, why are humans the only ones who can talk? Apes do not have a soul and cannot have a relationship with God since they are not made in his image!
anti-Christ exhibit
exhibit blasphemy
God first
exhibit Darynism!
Display is blasphemy! In the Beginning GOD!
To parise GOD
Suck it up monkey-haters. We also share a significat amount of DNA with bananas & mice So actually, chimps are good news! Being human means realizing that all living things are connected ツ
God made man, but he used the monkey to do it. Apes in the plan, we're here to prove it. (drawing of a man's face)
To be human is to be given the breath of life from God the creator of all things
This breath of life is the spirit that resides within humans not animals this exhibit is a fraud
We are devo (drawing of a 4-layer circular pyramid)
to live your life. and go Places. ツ
Explore and live.
God bless you and monkey worshipers
Impressive & Knowledgeable. Makes me appreciate my earthly life even more.
God made us
To carry on the lost knowledge of our people. One day society will no longer strifle who we are, where we came from ツ
Yes, God created everything. If one thinks evolution is not scientifically possible, your God is to small. Our human minds have difficulty comprehending what is possible.
We are spirits having a human experience
To become/experience the highest expression of consciousness & love
05-19-16 Created by God from the dirt. Made in Their Images
(cursive) Ddarwinism Ultimate Blasphemy anti-Christ anti Bible. In the Beginning GOD (rest can't read)
Plain & simple God made man in his own image. Check out the Bible!
Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!
Made in God's image
To be human is to serve a purpose to God & others.
To be human is not to be a monkey
(cursive) The greatest thing you'll ever learn, is just to love and be loved in return.
Your life is a blink of an eye enjoy it
sexual intercourse ツ
Display is anti-Christ anti-Bible satanic!
No he didn't
to do mistakes and not perfect
To accomplish things that others can't
To be loved and cared for
I agree! ツ (arrow pointing to 4234)
Same thoush (arrow pointing to 4234)
me too
help people in need
Hi look up the pink sheep on youtube
(drawing of an x) Christ
To have human emotion and care about others around you
To be human means.... to improve your current generation (as best you can) for the future. Make a change!
happiest & cool
42 Don't panic
To think of more than your own existence
It means I was created by an intelligent God & that I was not once a chimpanze (cross)
the world is a mystry who knows?
To do no harm
Wonderfull!! Do a display showing what characteristics become part of homo sapiens
Just do the next right thing
To have fellings and emotions. To have awful cringy Memes
Live life Grow old Embrace the next adventure
I too have swag
To be able to ask why?
To give glory to God because He created us ツ
Eat & Poop smiles go miles
To be alive & have emotion
God created everything, including the ape but He created man & woman first.
Cool! I like the real sculls.
God made us humans! not the lies told by this exhibit! Read the Bible!
To be gr8 😲
To give glory to the God who created us as we are. We came from Adam & Eve! (Humans!)
(arrow pointing to 4266) same
I think being human means looking up cat videos on the internet
To think big instead of small and God gave's us the Ability to speak, walk, think, eat, God gave that one animal to do all these things, but the same things that we can do
Science explains everything
(arrow pointing to 4270) Yes
To consistantly adapt to surroundings to pass on skills to young ones and create a Legacy.
The pain train is coming!
White Hole Theory! Evolution! Star Stuff!
You rock
I like it 😃
Being Different
(Evolution) To see the the world in our eyes and protect the world that has supported us fo millons of years
To have a family and Mother and thank god for the clothes on are backs and food. 3 thank u god ❤️
To have freedom of choice
To love ❤️
To breathe and think more than any other mammals
We have a huge neocortex - lets use it!
To recognize and act upon our choices 🌻
Beliving, loving, thinking, caring, hopeing, inventing WE ARE HUMAN
lucy smith are you
To have allergies 😲 achoo!
I love you
To have believes love, learn and grow
Thinking Feeling Sharing
the best thing ever
if evelution is real than how is monkeys still arond God is good
big bang made earth crazy people
God does things perfect He created Human and monkeys and they are both still here
Unity & Equality for Humanity
It means we must take care of ourselves and others and not elect Donald Trump
To be nice and take care of your body ❤️
To love life and live it to the fullest
To accept others' beliefs
It means to be able to love a creator!
Good Deal worth doing tks rh
things are always evolving and you must adopt to the changes. Being a human is living.
To live and love and learn to feel. To experience. To connect with other humand. To experience the world around us.
(cursive) Display Blasphemous anti-Christ anti-Biblical
It is definitely different than being an animal and I'm glad humans came directly from God as humans!
(cursive) Thank you God you made us perfect the way we are - not evolving
vape nation brother 420
God is in evolution! Don't limit his power! (arrow pointing up)
Got em!
cool and alesome
To Question
To Answer
The Bible is being proven true God created man
To recognize your ability to do good, to create change, and respect our species as well as others.
Bring the lucky Evoluntionary Card! ❤️
Humans just wanna have fun
(cursive) the ability to both love & hate the same being & have the capacity for Forgiveness
To make connections with eachother
To feel and think.
To believe in dreams & be who you (underlined) want to be! Also to know that though today is done, that it is never (underlined) too late to make a change! ❤️
Free will
Humans reason beyond insight
To be an individual. To remember we are humans
We have the capacity to discover concepts like evolution, mysteries like the galaxies, space, physics, and other scientific wonders & be able to accept them.
The ability of Free Will
My babysitter said if God wanted us to fly to the moon He would have given us wings. My Daddy said if God wanted us to fly to the moon He would have given us science to figure out how to go! God (arrow pointing R) us (arrow pointing R) science
To learn and challenge what we may think is correct, analyze what we learned and form new options.
Love & faith in people & to have holy spirit
To make music
You feel pain and love. Happiness all the time. Even in taugh moments
We are all Related!
To have a family.
Geezerfest! It brings out the best in people.
* Nice * Free will * Understanding * Listening * Caring (in dialog cloud) Jesus (in dialog cloud) one true God!
Love God with all your ❤️ mind & soul (drawing of an eye)
To be human is to have the ability to have a higher understanding of life, to be able to create & construct realities, to love & care on levels other spiecies can't
The ability (underlined) for us to love without personal interest in mind. The ability to exercise will power.
That the creator is awesome! Did not make man a monkey
To be Awesome ! (2x underlined) ツ
to celebrate achievements like science (including evolution)
There is more in this world than we will ever see or know!
To debate people on why their religion, mainly "Christians" are "so wrong"!
Thank you Greene Co. Library for having the courage to bring this exhibit to the bible belt. Wonderful! A great teaching moment for my kids!
We are as insignificant as everything else. We aren't special.
Belief in God and evolution does not (underlined) have to be mutually exclusive!
Thanks for the extra credit!
To be gr8 😲
to be human like me you have to be rodem
The leaving life print of how we SAVED! this Planet. We changed from a WAR race to Peace Helping eachother to positive outcome
To live, explore, multiply, learn, always searching for the truth about where we came from, to naturally believe in something
To breathe and think more than any other mammals
Writing music & wonder woman
Adapting Continuous Growth loving
To err is human; to forgive, divine - Alexander Pope
Being able to appreciate music 🎼
* self-awareness * knowing that we will die * language
To live To learn To understand. Simple & beautiful as that
Made by a creator God!
(bar code)
Man created God
* Reproduction * homeostasis * growth * matabolism * Response to stimuli
recognizing the humanity in others - helping People Grow
Learning and growing. Connecting with others.
to have freedom Zach SA
We Collect "stuff"
Breathing & Caring ツ
Compassion A moral compass ツ
In Him we live & move & have our being (underlined). God created Adam & Eve full grown & the earth, too.
Let Go & Let God !❤️
Our minds don't work the way we expect them to. - Yosane S.
Humans were created in the image of God - and the earth is actually approx. 6,000 years old.
What is the next evolutionary leap?
To be open minded and not Blindly Follow thru "faith"
Creating Art
To respect/love all living things. Respect! is Key!
One link - probably not the last - in the evolutionary chain
I don't believe that.
To exist beyond our own selfish nature.
To ehance the lives of others. Love, Harald
It means doubt, fear, hope, love, anger, resentment and ultimately death
I am god Breathed
I am fearfully and wonderfully made, your wroks are wonderfull I know that falwell. Psam 139:14
It means to believe in God and to know that he loves you and blesses you every day. S.M. ツ
riven 7x ❤️
To know where it started
To Feel Better Adally
To live life to the fullest. (drawing of a full glass, with and arrow pointing to glass 'full') - Keona ツ
Your exhibit displays lies. Your theory is that, a theory, and requires more faith than just believing God's word.
to be awesome Chloe ❤️
To walk on two legs, have complex language and use more tools than any other species
Live a good life Maria
I ❤️ heart People in my world Cats can dance + McDonalds in food (maybe) Apples are a food Cats poop definately
God's child !❤️
(all underlined) We so came from apes! 😲
Equality ❤️ gays am i right
(all underlined) We did not come from apes
It means to be smart and shape the world into what god wants it to. N
To make mistakes + then hopefully learn + grow from them. This is how one becomes wise ❤️ Jess K.
don't judge people
Darwynism is a lie from the pit!
Revenge - Anonymous
Genesis 1:1 In the Beginning God!!
to have much power to use for good (compared to most living things.)
Play video games and be happy! be awesome
To accept others 3x ❤️
to praise Jesus
To live long enough to reproduce
To have felling and senses.
To be human is to destroy and rebuild. To be human is to create and be created. To be human is to feel and aware of nature's dier calls to be healed. To be human is to be humane.
To be always learning & evolving.
To create and be creative - Jason
Raising my son makes me a better human
Free Will!
to be able to ride horses & engoy things
to desire/to Question.../to search/to ponder/to never really know
I ❤️ u
Created in Gods image to enjoy fellowship with Him because od Jesus death, burial and resurrection, and He was seen.
Give Peace + Trump a chance
Great Exhibit! Open minds + knowledge of our ancestry helps us all.
be a digger. It's good for you!!
We all need to have a little lesson on human origins. - Jacqui R.
Being gods child forever By Claire O
To be human is to feel.
to have a comtex brain aporible thums and walk on two legs
to be open minded - A
Evolve 🌻
Yeah at Michael Bay's latest film
My dad is a full on neanderthal. Therefor, I am a halp neanderthal. Because my mom is homo sapion
To be aware
To seek God to find God to develop a personal relationship with Jesus to be a follower of Jesus
To be made in the image od God.
We are Devo (drawing of devo layer cake)
The only creation made in God's image Genesis 1 ie. we cry tears too!
To boldly GO! (where no one has gone Before...)
(arrow pointing to above) To have the language ability to recognize split infinitives
to make life the best it can be
to make pigs our rulers
It means to live freely
God created man ツ
Heis doem.cdm
Eat Sleep Poop
To make good will and make the most of your life.
to be created by God
To adopt to the surroundings and understand other cultures then our own.
Not to take part in the lie.
To take chances even if you don't feel right! yolo!
To Be Imperfect
Deez nuts!
People that think we are from monkeys are dumb!
Procreation - Fornication
To live life the fullest - BRI ❤️
Made in the image + likeness of God. the Logos.
To live in the moment and not take things for granted. If you do lose what you love it's about building yourself back up and accepting the loss and learn to love
yes yes yes (wagging tongue)
to except that we are just a small part of the crazy world we live in
To be able to love
you're wrong I'm batman...Duhh
To become Batman!
No Im Batman!!!
to have a bad time*Megalovania intensifies
To - cook with fire
to have a moth
Did you know? Darwin didn't even believe his own theory by the end of his life
It menes crazyhis ❤️
Beyonce Queen B
to experience adversity
Let your light shine ツ
to be human is to evolve in/thought spiritual, evironmental, physical, biological and environmental ways, changes and actions. The choice is yours.
To experence life to it's fullest
it means we are poop okey
To love life and live it to the fullest
To be human is to learn to LOVE and be LOVED!
to love and be loved
Is to Be a beast and wreck chumps - Thug
Thank God for Science & Evolution
The ability to overcome cognitive dissonance
Evolution is true! Get over it folks!
For the truth about being human - see the creation experience museum N. Branson
Be mindful!!
God Created!
To be alive - Anonymos
Darwynism Anti-Christ Bob M....
To be human is to serve the Lord and follow his purpose...
Christians are stupid
We were created in the image of God
to believe in the Big Bang!
To be happy
to learn from your mistakes
To be nice
To love cake
- The endless pursuit of knowledge of our purpose and origin of existence K.Z.
Live life to the fullest ツ No procrastinating ツ
To love God ツ Gensis 1:1
(cursive) To have compassion for all things around you. Both living and monliving
To love!!!
(cursive) that we were created by God in His image on the 6th day of creation as Human Beings, not apes.
To love the LORD. Your God w/ all your ❤️ !!
learn love live Tacos! ❤️ God
To ask who am I? wht am I here?
Be like God ❤️ ツ
To be inquisitive
To find truth
God created each of us as special unique individuals!
Weeping crieng
To see with eyes wide open the grandeur of all living things + to marvel at our cosmic origins - we are stardust
Thankful we're not all alike (arrow pointing down)
Rational beings who are a body-soul union/composite created out of love, by love, for love, to love. "[man} cannot fully find himself except through a sincere gife of self." JPII
Top of the food chain
To be whoever I want to be - Katie
Thinking to much
To have a loving Family - Anonoymous
To feel experience explore & love.
To be uourself in a world of wonder ideas... Alexs A..
The fact that we can write on these Post-it notes
To be human is to be kind nice and be yourself
To show the love of Jesus
open moth smily-face
We can eat. We breath. Love Alisha, mim!
drawing of 5- fingered hand
To live, and to be a child By K.C.S.
Fen(rest of letters scratched)
Being human means to love and be thankfull for what you get in life ツツツツツツ ❤️ From: Blaize T
to have an intrinsic sense of self and of others
H.W. It means God loved us and blessed us with a body ツ
Human ❤️
God created you ! ❤️❤️❤️ ❤️ ❤️
Display is blasphemy
If you are unwilling to question your beliefs, you will never know if you are following truth or lies. (arrow pointing up)
*good exhibits *accepting others * kindness
Give life + meaning to the world we are given - RJ ❤️
very scary from: Heaven
To be human is to be made in God's image by God for God's glory.
Really cool. I enjoyed it. I'd love to learn and see how long we last our selfs.
To live life to the fullest.
To use our brains & our hearts!
I come from God!
To be a part of each other, animals included.
aging, getting more respect
To have compassion for others
I love you mom
To be awsome
To learn, take risks, make mistakes, grow and help others while glorifying God ❤️
To ride
to find your inner beauty and then share it.
To draw! 🎼 Drawing of a girl's head w/ glasses
Made for a purpose from our Creator the Lord our God.
Laugh, giggle, live in the moment
To love
Made by god not monkeys. T God loves you!
To have a relationship with God ❤️
Be strong and Corageoms. Do not be afriad or discouraged, For the Lord, your God is with you wherever you go. Joshua 1:9
to live in God's glory
To have a soul God loves you
To care ❤️
"Evolution is a fact, not a theory. It really happened." - Carl Sagan Cosmos
(arrow pointing to above) yes! This!
To go to school 😍
There is no proof formarcro evolution! Fraud
God Grace
It't grat we ele lots of poop
To create meaning. ツ
To forgive
(cursive) To have the ability + creativity to answer life's questions by creating the concept of god.
To live life to the fullest no regrets (signature)
To appreciate all potatos
To sate our curiosity through exploration + invention
Ability of meta-thinking - to think about thinking, + meta-language - use language to speak about language
To create and inovate.
To live the lif
We are really expressive
We have made a huge progress.
Made fearfully and wonderfully by God!
Love you Rylie Age 5
Compassion, Guilt, Love, and regret (mostly) humans sxpirience only
making mistakes
Harry Styles (and accept + love everyone)
This is too deep for a sticky note!
Melvin + Agnes
Kindness and Empathy!
To be connected compassionet and full of courage!
To be conscious + have compassion
To ask questions
Intelegent growing mixed
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