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Tompkins County Public Library; Ithaca, NY

Tompkins County Public Library; Ithaca, NY

Nov. 25, 2016–Dec. 22, 2016


Library patrons were invited to answer to the question "What does it mean to be human?" while visiting the Exploring Human Origins traveling exhibit at the Tompkins County Public Library in Ithaca, NY.


They wrote their answers on sticky notes which are represented here exactly as they were written, without editing of text; any drawings are described in parentheses.


By Marcus. being Kind and Loveing.
to have that unrelenting need to make things better
To Move your finger a certain way on a piece of plastic and have food delivered to you 30 minutes later
Sharing and Understanding. I love sharing my cultural traditions with others and having them share theirs with me.
Love, life and laughter
To care about equality and justice for others.
To be irrational!
Merry Christmas! :)
Awesome-Great Job. Library of the 21st C.
I don't thing it changed much. Maybe more uncertainty. Lots left to know. Open to new interpretations.
Having been created by God.
To Realize how far weve come is such a short time and that we have so much farther ot go.
Being able to understand + refliect on our place in the animal kingdom +connection to all earth life
Cry Smile Feel
A sense of God
To enjoy playing with Legos
To Understand
To live life to its fullest
You Tell Me
agreeing to others stats Audreydeas
To Be Human Is To Be A consummate Manipulator (through brain and hands) or the environment and other humans
To be free Name Diella
tripps Ryand Bobby
Looking towards your future to spend with Christ
To seek truth
Star Wars!
Worke for gianni you better
Eat Pray Love
To Make choice and have freedoms
The capacity for selfless love (beyond one's own family).
The ability to envole sympathy in others
listening to the plants+spirts. Evolving thru music and creativity
To understand one another
Trying to define my sense of being and measuring how my behaviour, attitude, action reflects my thoughts. Gratitude
Fart Jokes
To Vote Democrat
To use our powerful monds to extend compassion to others
It is the best oppurtunity/Blessing to realize our devine nature
Expression of disbelief in the face of evidence
The Evolution Hoax!
To make your life what you want it to bel Celebrate life-Dianna Nino
To have choice re: pregnancy timing
Evolving may mean we can not "know" what we are becoming, but we can "sense" it.
We're just another kind of life.
Vienna to love things and taking care of nature
To belong to the species Home Sapiens
Alexandra liveing
To go through pain and love to fufill you life with you happiness & to evolve through time
ability to empathize
To make mistakes to be happy and sad and "hebrew"
Making and apprecitating ART
To imagine what it's like to be someone or something else. to empathize
To celebrate the time we have on earth.-Owen
What it means to be human means to have an extreme understanding of whats around us and what we can choose to do
To imagine a better world...
To overpopulate the earth without regard to other species, the environmetn or the future
To be on the earth. Maddie
To parent the next generation and pass on knowledge and experience. Making individual choice that make us unique. Taking chances and living life.
To pass on wisdom and empowerment to future generations
The creation or existence of a moral compass
To say "fantastic Alon-zy!" and "Geronimo!" on a regular basis
To think and be kind and love
To create the Idea of "Time"
Earth bound body of an infinite spirit
Makeing kinis elipepins
There in LOVE!!!
To be Kind
Black Lives Breathe
Be a good person and give joy.
Live long and prosper
The ability to think and reason about the signs around us and to have a sense of righ and wrong that may require believing in what is great than us
To philosophise
To be human is to have and innate sense that we are the masters of our environment and of our hues. That's also the definition of foolish
We care about each other
To lead with you heart
macing life
to connect with other humans
Live day to day not knowing what will happen next
We are all equal :)
To question
To understand the potential of you being to innovate and connect, and to see other humans and be empathetic
to grow and change
To know things end and begin and to consider that fact in many ways through lifes hourney
Oppsable Thumbs and language
To make art
Being Human means kepp and open mind, kepp solving, keep going!
To be human is to have faith that's there's a greater purpose to our lives than merely our survival!
Leona Tacking kere of the earth
The ability to have underdag heart + beleive in it!
magnificent imperfection
to have heathly food
To be free Name Diella
To love and live life
Love the earth Tsadia
Oppsable Thumbs
To have two hearts
Being generous
be kind
killian fun
to be alive
Love care
to connect
to be you mater what and to feel and eat and sleep and try new things
Thinking, Learning, Feeling
I think therefore...
no slavray
The ability to e
Work for Gianni!
To be able to do many things
to learn from nature
to destroy without a reason
Honest, open-minded and willing
to mourne
compassion and considering past and future
Hai was here
To question-
find a meaning of a life (your life) for the humanity
To be gay
Making punny jokes
Love and Pizza
tripps Ryand Bobby
To Be
Feel Pain
Love and Empathy
laughter X2
To love and live life
to know other humans
To question
to forgive
to try new things
To Believe
We are social
Ball is life
To be part of the species Homo Sapien
Changing for the better
To form into a complex living thing.
Being human means standing on tow feet and having emotion. And tuna sub
To have communication skills
To Have language, tools and expereinces that we can communicate, interact and share
-Work to provide for yourself and others - Accept and make change -Take shots you get -Do what's best for you and others
To imporve on ourself and ercholher in our lifetime
Live and do what you can as long as you can!
To be human is to be. To be who you truly are no matter what.
To have fun!
Sharing you stories and seeing yourself in others.
Living with no regrets and advance as much as possible
To have fun!
Wake up and see what the world is gonna bring you
drawing of persona on skateboard
To be human, one must have all of the traits of a homosapien. However, does this truly make one human? Perhaps a a being can be human in a philosphical snese without sharing the traits and perhaps some who share these triats cannot be considered human.
To be able to advance our level of thinking
They display thoughts of things beyond survival and reproducing
Bajoobie skell!
To reproduce
To have empathy for another's condition and to use your gifts and resources to better others life becuase that is all and encouraging you must do
enjoy life. you could always be way uglier than you are-you could be a hairy gorilla
To thrive in civilizations and understand
think for yourself
to walk up right!
Being compassionate
Being human means feeling emotion
Taking a bit of responsibility. experience a trend lie to other. to prepare for another disease
Interact with the world and problem solve
Human meens to survive by any means, have emotion + logical thought processes
To be compassinate and kind and and to be able to truely evolve not just physically but mentall which is just as important to move into the future but remember the past
To be bipedal, social and to be able to create civilization.
To seek and express emotion
to be able to go to Burger King
To be free and do want U Love in life without worrying
To be educated and happy
being relayed to Harambe
to create Music, Art, and life. We are all artist
To have the DNA that makes us us
Being able to think ocmplex thoughts. Also having emotions
Beaing youself and likeing others just the way they are and likeing yourself just the way you are
Being related to Harambe
Being related to Harambe
It measn we can walk on two feet live a more prosperours life and fending for yourselves
Using Tools
To be nice, kind and love each other and pay it forward :)
To create garbage and Fill the World with It!
To have opinions beyond simple emotions
To be able to laugh, fell, and, live. Being human means you have your own life.
A comlex network working together for one purpose
Love + Compassion
To be able to evolve and adept to our changing world, and to thrive
Being able to love with no conditions uncondtional love ZS+SG=heart
Sharing ideas with other humans. having unique experiences
To be able to ask and answer questions for themself
unconditonal love and forgiveness
To be able to live, discover and be above all living begins. To have a sense of accomplishments! To be able to anser every question. Love being human!!
Right now, being human is feeling excited! to be learning abou this winter's explanation of being human! Maukyr
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