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Wyckoff Free Public Library; Wyckoff, NJ

Wyckoff Free Public Library; Wyckoff, NJ

Oct. 16, 2016–Nov. 12, 2016


Library patrons were invited to answer to the question "What does it mean to be human?" while visiting the Exploring Human Origins traveling exhibit at the Wyckoff Free Public Library in Wyckoff, NJ.


They wrote their answers on sticky notes which are represented here exactly as they were written, without editing of text; any drawings are described in parentheses.


1. bi Pedal 2. Complex brains 3. couoporate 4. tools 5. Primates 6. language
To have compassiona and empathy; to forgive
To be able to crtically think and reason
To have a conscience (to vote accordingly)
To understand and to give
To Promote peace and save the human race.
To have compssion for a species not you own
Think Love consieve the future
to be the cartaker of our world
to think complex thoughts and drive complex things
To enjoy a wide variety of emotions
Fascinating thank you for this lovely exhibit
Concious choice, Lloyd
To me to be human means the ability to love
To maek you mark on the world
What does it mena to be human? "Time"
We have Compassion
Voting in spite of a lack of good options makes us human
They all have different skulls
What does it mean to be human? It mean "Communication"
To be Human is to learn how to love each other
A human is a human because they are bipedal, they think and solve problems. Theri language, create and use tools, cooperative groups, and primatges. That's what makes a human a human
To discover how we became human :)
To be human is to be of the earth and dependent on the sun as are all other things on this planet. We are related to everything rather then seperate from it.
A great compliment to Jared Diamond's College leerl Feyt books-Survival is the name of the Game
It means to have a great imaginations and think smart
To be nice to people
To learn...Jack M
We are lucky to be what we are now-Eddie
To leant, survive, grow, and improve human life
They have all 7 charistics of a human
To learn and change
We are the APEX Predator Enjoy!
To go to school and learn Ashley
To show compassion and kindness to others
to be curious --- always questioning
To learn Be happy Nick
To create from nothing
To be understanding
We love
to strive to learn new things
To understand To give to Know
to be awesome
To be a living thing on the top of the food chain with apasible thumbs, nad advanced cognitive abilities
Design and innovate new things
To be Human is to create, invent, and evolve
to understand
To help those in need To Love To take cart of the Earth
To create music and art
To show your pride and being helpful and share your kindness
We are all unique individuals but we are also very complex. We are guided by our conscience. We can use our minds to learn, create and explore/investigate our world-past-present and future
To create
To exert control over one's destiny
learning, imagining, Adapting
To live and work in a society with other people. to be able to learn and create
To be bipedal
to love and eat food
To think and imagine beyond our immediate world. To be humble enough to envision God
To share food
Same as
to be bipedal< primates, able to think and asnwer hard questions, works well in groups, make technology and tools
To at least try to understand other societies beliefs and practices. To Furgive those who don't-We all must get along-our beautiful world depends on it!
To give and receive help to each other
To be civilized
It means ot be civilized
To communicate
What does it mean to be human? To be human is to be able live and move and have our being. To learn and to make choice
Were Primates and works well with tolls, and able to imaging amazing things
Critical thinking + Written language
To be human means we are able to have empathy, to see beyond our own needs + experience and understand what other people experience
To live in community and to love
Humans have souls
Being human means being able to think and talk logical decisons for the common good
Sey-awareness and knowing we are mortal beings
To be humn you need a brain Jake Bramer
To be technologically and culturaly advanced
Record our history and hopefully learn from it
Free Will
you love and feel emotions
To be yourself Owen W.
Other animals can love and use tools, but only humans can ask what does it mean to be human
To express yourself creatively through art, music, or dance
Its Asome Cole Wilson
It is a basic human responsibility to care for our Earth
To honor all that came before
To have a loving family and share life
To have emotions
Relationships and family ties
love and gratitude
To feel and to love
ability to plan, create and execute ideas
Every challenge can be overcome
Glad to be alive
To creat and communicate with language
Music and Art
We need to emphasize our amazing similarities rather than our diffeernces
I think to be human is to be crativ inteaget and Wondeing
To communicate and Love
To feel emotions and their origins (anger, sadness)
We have tools.
To be human it means that you are creative and you must take on many responsibilities. Also, you must follow the rules
To care for all living things and our planet
To be connected to God, our planet and each other
To forget!
Wear clothings
To be wonderfully and fearfully made in the image of our creator God & his son Jesus Christ
To be yourself Carby
To be normal. Also, having 5 sences
Q. What does it mean to be human? A. To make mistakes, make observatoins, and to be creative.
Humans are speical- we are so diverse
Having feelings being creative
To be able to study and contemplate our place in the Cosmos. And to feel and Express love
To love each other
Funny in any way
You may Love
nasty B careful
James Sabino Humans are awsome!
Extend to which humans go is far beyond any otehr spicies
We developt new ideas we are better
face drawings
Its a moral and ethical recognition of and responsiblity to each otehr. Homeo Sapein a scecies name. Human is like a social club
complex brains. Stand and walk up right
we feel everything
To use your body to change your mind and ot use your mind to change you body.
A sese of humor
Travelling exhibit a great idea- bring it to public schools as well.
Use of language and self aware
We cab walk on tow legs by Teddy Murray
I Hilppepol Micher sadino
To create news things Gabby
James Sabino HUmans are very smart
James Sabino drawing
To be aware that we are the only creature who know our time on earth is limited
To pass on what has been learned
the constant stuggle to survive from the conditions of the world around us. Disease, poverty, famine, crime, natural disasters, war,efict in 2016 adn pose problems of survival to makind.
To make personal choices in many areas of our lives
Being artistic
We have the ability to learn
Asking questions
Love and creation
To imagine and create stories
experiances and evolution
To be visible
That we have a soul
To have an awareness and a relationship with God
To be a steward of the planet
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