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What's Hot in Human Origins?

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Check out the latest human origins discoveries and research findings! This is where we post hot-off-the-presses news in human origins. We read the original articles and summarize them in a clear, understandable way so you can keep up to date on all findings in this vibrant field of science.


Neanderthal structures deep inside a French cave

A 176,000 year old Neanderthal construction site

The extinct “hobbit” of human evolution

New date for our cousin from the island of Flores

DNA and the first Neanderthals

The genome of 430,000-year-old fossils

Welcome to a new member of our family tree!

Homo naledi discovered in an African cave

The oldest fossil of our genus

And a new look at Homo habilis

Neanderthals: larger eyes and smaller brains?

A new comparison with Homo sapiens

Complete skull from Dmanisi

Only one lineage of early Homo

Australopithecus sediba – new analyses and surprises

A different way of walking upright

Differences found between fossil and modern human genomes

Denisovan DNA sheds light on human uniqueness

Australopithecus sediba was a vegetarian

South African species ate bark, forest fruit, and woodland plants